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Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by Pennygirl2, Apr 23, 2007.

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    Dear Wayne,
    I was reading the post about the flu shots which has been a constant question I have had. Have chosen to about 6 yrs now not to and I am glad. Thanks for the grreat info on tetanus shots. I am due and won't get one.

    I am from Colorado. Loved the picture and thought it was somewhere in this vacinity. Very pretty. I enjoyed reading your bio and was wondering about your ethereal experience. I have had an interesting experience where I seemed to "go" into the lake as I gazed at it and flow effortlessly through the water and come out and started my energy up the bare branches of the trees finding it interesting one tree had beautiful flowing energy and graceful branches leading up and another was all jerky and erratic and unpleasant. If this is not anywhere near what you meant, you might think I am nuts. It was really wonderful experience though.

    I just heard Crater Lake has the best air. I left Southern Cal because of air and now northern Colorado is getting bad. Just my luck. Take care, Penny
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    Hi Penny,

    What a pleasant surprise to get your note. It feels like a miracle that I ran across it as I almost never go to the chit chat board, and only did so by accident today. And then would not have seen the title with my name in it had the top half of the posts not been somehow cut off. It feels like the universe helped a bit in this delivery.

    Thank you for sharing your experience, and no, I do not think you are nuts. Quite the contrary, your experience strikes me as that of a person on a sincere spiritual quest. I have always felt that water, as you described it in your experience, represents Spirit. And your flowing through strikes me as your own personal harmonizing with it. It is not at all unusual for people in Eckankar to report these kinds of experiences.

    My take on the descriptions you gave of the two trees is that they represent the forces in the worlds of duality we currently live in. Following the harmonies (or disharmonies) of either one gives us unique experiences in life, which ultimately lead us all back to our true spiritual home (beyond the lower worlds of duality).

    Regarding the word ethereal I used in my BIO. I wasn’t sure how to describe what I feel as I travel my path which includes my health challenges. Some definitions I ran across for ethereal included: 1) “of heaven or the spirit”; “celestial peace”; “ethereal melodies”; and 2) characterized by unusual lightness and delicacy. Essentially, I feel I am helped to at least momentarily rise above my beleaguered body, emotions, mind, and subconscious mind to experience the above. The following words to a song I just listened to recently (written by an Eckist) reflects a bit more of what I’m trying to describe:

    Winter’s come and gone
    My heart is thawing
    In the warmth of the sun
    Like a whisper in the wind
    Love is calling
    To touch the heart of anyone – who will listen
    I do believe I have heard it this time
    I do believe, it’s opening, this heart of mine...

    So nice to hear from you.

    Kind regards, Wayne[This Message was Edited on 04/26/2007]

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