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    Afternoon Annie! Thought you might be interested in
    and ad on my local NPR radio station concerning a
    mattress co. in Berkeley. I b elieve they are manu-
    facturers and you may be interested in seeing their
    website as a means of comparison. I'm sure you are
    looking for a chem. free product as well.


    Mario Savio and Kathleen Cleaver suggest that they
    would have succeeded in their aims in the '60's if
    it had not been for "oversleeping" on one of these

    Joe P.S. Teddy Roszak is still teaching P.T.
    at Hayward State!! The "Counter Culture"
    is alive, but ill.(at the moment)
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    ---for Annie

    Thanks Kids!
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    Thanks. I will check it out. I just wrote you on the porch re danny et al. It is so great to be able to chat with Geoff on the phone now. Poor guy, he said "If only I could havae just a little glass of water it would help." His epiglotis and the smooth muscles are just not working at all on the video of two weeks ago, but he is having another tomorrow, as I thought his voice and especially he coughed so well, sounded better so the exercises are helping. However, they are not doing several other things I feel they could, but my SIL cannot convince him to move to a specialized care unit. Maybe if I can get up this weekend I can talk him into it.

    I promise you I WILL get around to getting on chat with Carla and swapping our emails, I just never seem to get the chance, but it is next on the list once I get this interview for Danny out of the way.

    Love Annie cromwell