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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by kholmes, Sep 23, 2006.

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    Just saw a really good film on DVD from the Netherlands last night: KARAKTER. It's set in Rotterdam in the 1920s.

    Here's a summary from IMDB:

    A young, illegitimate boy grows up with his unmarried mother, whilst the father, Dreverhaven, continuously appeals to her to marry him, but is always rejected. However, the father seems to do everything possible to disrupt the young man's life, as his mother becomes more and more detached and uncaring. It would seem that Dreverhaven is playing out a real-life game of chess around his son Jacob, as if trying to corner him into submission and apathy, but which the young man manages to survive. The psychological impression is that one or the other would undo his `bitter foe', but that despite the father's vast fortune and power the struggle of will would rebound against him. But as the Dutch saying goes: ‘De één zijn dood, is de ander zijn brood'

    This is no `thriller' in the ordinary sense, more a psychological suspense which requires attention throughout. The acting is magnificent: both Fedja van Huêt and Jan Decleir play out their parts with just the right touch, especially Decleir, and Lou Landré as Rentenstein is almost spellbinding, not to be missed.

    I think it won an Academy Award in the States in '97 for best foreign language film. It's so interesting I might watch it again.

    Have you seen it?
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    Is that the Dutch director that you're thinking of?
    I remember seeing THE THIRD MAN, by Verhoeven, made in the Netherlands. I've also seen a Dutch film called SPETTERS, but it did seem a bit preoccupied with sex.

    Verhoeven did come to Hollywood and made movies, like ROBOCOP, TOTAL RECALL, STARSHIP TROOPERS, which are all pretty good, as far as big-budget sci-fi films go, but he also directed SHOWGIRLS, one of the world's worst movies.

    I know what you mean about the memory problems; I used to know which movies Verhoeven directed, but I had to look them all up!

    Will write more later; I'm heading out for a ride in the car at the moment. The weather is beautiful this afternoon.

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    Let me know if you can think of a translation for that Dutch saying.

    Rotterdam sounds like a great city. Whew; too bad about the traffic, though. I spent a semester in London and a semester in Paris, but never had the chance to visit the Netherlands.

    I'll have to check out SISTERS.

    A film club is a great idea. I've been thinking about it for a while. Do you think a lot of people would be interested? I agree that it wouldn't be worth it unless the films were thought-provoking and would leave us something to talk about.

    Watch out for that wheat. I indulged in some Wheat Thins crackers on our drive this afternoon and I'm hoping I won't pay for it.

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    I hope you're wheat hangover is dissipating.

    I was watching a soccer/football match in the park and a woman fell and tore her ACL in her knee. Ouch!

    I had a wonderful "scoot." I set a new personal record today by riding it one mile around the park. I hope the scoot won't give me an overdo hangover tomorrow.

    Thanks for the translation of the Dutch saying. I'm trying to figure how it relates to Karakter. I think your part about going bankrupt made the most sense.

    I like your thoughts on the film club idea.

    A couple of criteria come to mind for me:

    thought-provoking films readily available on DVD, maybe at libraries, on Netflix, or at the local video store (Despite my increased scooter riding ability, I haven't been to a movie theater in 19 months).

    Films that aren't overtly adrenaling-producing (action and horror probably wouldn't be the best for a group of sick and/or disabled people in need of less stress in their lives).

    Films that wouldn't produce poitical controversies (like you observed).

    Let's keep thinking...


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    Sorry you missed the "Miss C" title.
    I was wondering how far ahead The Hague was from Albuquerque (It's 2:22 and I just got online).
    Sweet dreams, and I hope your wheat hangover goes away soon.
    "The sun will come out tomorrow...."

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    My bad, as my students used to say. Thought you were going to sleep!

    My all-raw day is going well. Craving soy ice cream at the moment, though.

    I rode my scooter to the park and took the dog with me. Managed to have a half hour conversation with a woman walking her dog.

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    (Attempting to scare the hiccups out of you).

    THE TIME MACHINE? Do you mean an adaptation of the old HG Wells novel? Do you know what year your version was made?

    I will check it out. Hope your having a good...hmmm...sleep?

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    I haven't been on the board as much lately. I haven't worsened; I'm just busy trying to get everything together for my appeal for long term disability to a private insurance company. I've also been reading, getting ready for my Dad to visit, and scooting every day to the park.

    I will definitely check out the film. Jeremy Irons is sure a good actor, isn't he?

    How's life in the Hague this weekend? How are you doing?

    I think you're right about it being time for a new game tonight. I will post one soon!

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    I've been wanting to see WAR OF THE WORLDS. I don't like Tom Cruise after all of his recent zaniness in the public eye, but I remain a huge Spielberg fan. So I imagine I'd enjoy it. Spielberg and Cruise also worked together on MINORITY REPORT, a good sci. fi. film about fate vs. free will.
    Thanks for the tip, and hope you're having a good day!