Attn Carolin re: prob people and Greenbean re:response

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by Pennygirl2, May 17, 2007.

  1. Pennygirl2

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    Hi Carolin. I thought your post about people making problems we just don't need was very good. We want to be welcomed here not dissed. I hope you will see this here since we are kinda have prob with people seeing different boards. I can only do a couple posts or responses a day but I will look at the chit chat board too now.
    Greenbean: I didn't know Thumper said that. That is the biggest quote or instructions I can remember my mother also said. About not saying anything at all. People can be so hurtful with words. And someone said there are always people that seem to thrive on the conflict and drama. By the way if you are active on Disney boards, my daughter is "Bashfull" on some of them. Penny
  2. pat460

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    Glad to see you on the Chit Chat board! If we all stop by for a few minutes when we're on another board, I think this whole OT problem will get a lot better. I'm trying to stop by every day so we'll probably cross paths again. This is really an uplifting place sometimes, don't you think?

    Bye for now, Pat