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    hi i was reading your post on how to keep busy one of the things i want to ask you is what made you better ive been in my bed for 3 yrs living my life 10 min at a time i cant sit for more than 10 mn and that is painful i see your back was really bad also please help thanks charlene
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    have you had MRI's, CT scan of your back? My rhematoid arthritic specialist noticed a relationship between increasing cases of fibro and back injury/degenerative disc. It took two MRI's and her sending back my results to be reread, that they finally found a rupture and degenerative discs. That is why I swear by her diasnosis - she was right and insisted on it and she WAS!

    Back problems vary. You can get worse by laying there - the muscles stop working.

    First, rule out any disc damage, or if you have it, treat it.

    Here's how I recouped:

    I wore a back brace everytime I got up to do anything. Everyday. Buy it at Walmart in the men's work section cheap - black - it's the men's workbelt. I cut the straps off. It closes by velcro on your tummy. Supports a weak back until you can strengthen it yourself. I've been wearing it under my clothes, over a camisole, for 12 years.

    Severe spasms - took all the meds I was prescribed - pain, muscle relaxers, etc. When I felt a little better I would do SOMETHING. I have just tapered the meds down this year - it's a long time!

    I have a "Dr. Ho tens machine" that I put on my neck to release spasms when they hit. It works. Affordable too!

    I went to the chiropractor (NO MANIPULATIONS) for soft tissue release when I couldn't get the spasms to release. A little of that and some stretching plus tens on the muscles really was the only thing that stopped the headaches from spasms.

    The back? It took many, many years to where I could sit up without pain. But I was up. I had to weigh the balance between laying there and doing nothing, or wearing my brace and getting up and doing something for my mental state.

    My specialist insisted on the brace and I am sure I couldn't have done anything without it.

    You decide would you rather have the depression. Something I feel strongly about in this illness, it may not be a life threatening illness, but the depression is.

    The brace really helps. I wear it to this day when the weather is damp or too cold.

    The body has the inherent ability to heal itself given time and the proper circumstances. Most people don't want to give it the time. They want a quick fix. This isn't a quick fix illness.

    I had a rupture. In the U.S. you get surgery for these. In Ontario it's a big deal to get surgery because we have a public health care system. I took her advice and let it heal on it's own. Boy, what a long time it took! But it did. In the U.S. you can probably get better help easier for that.

    I still went out for my daily walk with my dog. Then back to bed.

    I went to my church service on Sunday's - and home to bed.
    Sometimes I couldn't breath for the pain, but I knew the social contact was more important to my mental state.

    I don't know all the ins about nutrition but I do believe there is also a great avenue there for healing, more than I have yet accomplished. It can get expensive, but I did feel better when I was taking greens (powder you put in your juice) and eating properly. I am pursuing this avenue.

    While my specialist was right, I don't think she took into effect the severe results of stress on the body, and I think now that that's where our healing is going to come from.

    I used to be only able to sit up 10 or 15 minutes at a time. I can do much more now. But, hon, you have to believe in healing and then seek to find it. That's where the spiritual came into play.

    I alternated between many of the cold paks and heat to alleviate my back pain (it is mostly spasms, if all else is ruled out). For me, I lived on my heating pad and my electric blanket, still to this day. The cold paks numbed the pain really well. I would get a gel pak, freeze it, then apply it under a thin cloth and lay on it. You get used to it. It really does help. I also had a wheat bag which I keep in the freezer and lay on it, or put it on my neck. Haven't had to use either for about 2 years!

    Several trips to physio-therapy gave me back exercises to do. I think they do help to strengthen the back. I'm not one to exercise - I'd rather be doing SOMETHING to get my exercise, but if you can do anything, maybe a physio-therapist could help you strengthen your back. They have a whole exercise regime now for fibro.

    The fatigue is strong that's why I think the greens helped me. When I was too fatigued I just went with it and rested. It did get better in stages.

    Can't think of anything else offhand. I hope you find some degree of healing. What you put in your "head space" is vital too. That's why the books on anything that is positive you can find. People may nix this - but I know from experience that you will draw to you what is in your dominant thoughts, so put the things in your mind that you WANT and not what you don't want. That is a universal law and it works.

    Contact me on the board any time. Good luck!

    P.S. My specialist up here in Ontario has a video she made on treatment for fibro, how to help yourself, exercises that will strengthen you, how this is related to the back and spine and neck, etc. etc. etc. You can probably order it from her:
    Dr. Frances Leung
    855 Broadview Avenue, Suite 202
    Toronto, Ontario Canada M4K 3Z1
    Tel: 416-462-1220
    There is a small cost for the video - perhaps they would mail it to you.

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    for all the info i do as much as i can my arms hurt if i try to put on the back brace i have ddd and 4 small herniated discs cmp and fibro if i try to push i stat to shake and it makes me even weaker this disease stinks my house is still clean as bad as i am what i cant do my hubby does but i can only clean for 10 min at a time i stretch everyday also i just dont know what to do anymore thanks again charlene
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    sounds like you have alot to let heal. You are doing all you can physically, it sounds like. These suggestions are only as you feel up to it. If you start to shake it's your body telling you it's had enough. I thought there might be some disc problems there - have you seen a specialist for the back? See if you can get the video I suggested - it really explains the degenerative/damaged disc relationship to fibro. If a little bit of cleaning is all you are up to, at least that is something. Do you have the strength to read? Could you listen to cassettes from the library? Anything to give your mind a break and a break from the monotony.

    If it all gets too much for hubby to cope with, call in some reinforcements, as I mentioned before, from the Community Care Access Centre in your community, the help line, the library, the Red Cross, anything.

    Remember the body does have the inherent ability to heal over time. If you let it. That's alot of herniated discs and they take a long, long time to heal. I forgot to tell you, I also wore a neck brace when my head started to shake. I felt like I couldn't hold it up sometimes. Sound familiar? My specialist told me I wasn't to do anything without both braces on.

    You can make your own neck support by rolling a hand towel up and placing it around your neck. I used to pin it in the front - and I even put warm water on it. Sometimes my neck hurt so bad, the warm towel gave me comfort. Try it when you feel weak.

    Those ruptures need to heal and you need to support them. can hubby help you get the braces on?

    I found the neck supports in the store were too big and bulky - felt like choking! You can make your own, too. You know the cover for the rolling pin when you make bread (yes, I made bread)? It's made of cloth. Stuff it with a nylon and tie it or pin it in the front of the neck.

    You won't look like Madonna - but at this point, comfort counts.

    Support is a really big issue - the braces will help you. The pain in the arms and upper torso are radiating from the neck discs.

    I know in the U.S. there are doctors who treat herneated discs. You may want to look into that.

    Remember, heat and cold applications, support, take meds, and something for distraction.

    Of course you can't do what your husband does - he's not sick.
    Stay connected with the internet. Contact me anytime you are feeling low. I will always check online daily.
    I'll keep you in my prayers!
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    for all your help i feel like i am drudging up a hill that is never ending i started taking guai to see if that will make some of my symptoms go so i can focus on my back if the weakness goes away charlene
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    If fibromyalgia is, as my specialist insists, related to degenerative discs in the neck and back (spine), whether from wear and tear or by traumatic injury....the discs have to somehow heal. If you have reinjured them by overactivity in early years, alot of falls, even jobs where you sat all day (disc compression) as I did, or had car accidents...the discs are damaged, degenerated. Some people get surgery. You need an MRI and a good doctor to find the disruption (I did). Some people say they didn't have traumatic injury, but you don't need to, you can have this with just wear and tear. Usually, over active people get it.&lt;BR&gt;
    Anyway, this is MY experience and I'm sure others have theirs, I don't ague it.&lt;BR&gt;
    What made me better? REST, intermittent LIGHTexercise (walk only), meds (use them and get some that work to ease pain) lots of ice paks and heating pads. Lots of hot showers. Sleep with heat. A soft neck brace to ease headaches. LIGHT tissue massage to ease the spasms when they appear in the back especially, by a licenced therapist. NO neck manipulations. And especially for the mental aspect, distraction. I accessed every social organization I could find to get some things into my life ... deliveries from the local library, phone calls from a volunteer agency of seniors who called me everyweek to see if I was OK...just a friend on the line! I relearned in 10 minute intervals, how to crochet, how to play the piano (believe me, I could only sit for 10 minutes. I now am the church organist at my church). I wear a soft back brace to support myself in the day. It doesn't show through my clothes. And I rest every afternoon. I am also flat on the couch every evening by 7 and my NEW husband and I watch movies every night. The body has the ability to regenerate itself if you let it have the time. You learn to build a NEW life. I am 15 years down in this,and I do still have fibro, but I also have rebuilt my life. Discs that have been reinjured have less ability to heal completely. They will always be weak. That's me. But Iwill take anything I can get!