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    Just saw your message under Prickles's TV CFS treatment post.

    Isn't Bill Bryson fantastic?

    I'm really enjoying A BRIEF HISTORY OF EVERYTHING. I'm reading one chapter every day, and I figure it will take me about a month to finish.

    Not only is he entertaining, but few writers write so clearly.

    What other books by Bryson have you read? I am thinking about rereading a few, I like his books so much.

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  2. Cromwell

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    Simply everything he writes!

    I particularly enjoyed A Walk in The Woods,(about Apalachian Trail, and A Sunburned Country, (Australia) He has a large Origins of The English Language book he wrote several years ago. Of course being a Brit I liked his Notes From a Small Island book but it is getting dated nowadays.

    He certainly is prolific.

    People who have that edge of sarcasm in their humor (Monty Python style) seem to enjoy Bryson.

    You may enjoy reading Sue Townsend if you like British Humor, but you have to know it very well.

    Well my neck is awful today which is good as I am off to pain doc for first time so I beter be off.

    Love Anne Cromwell ps I note we have both been teachers. I was also Psychologist, easier by far!!!
  3. kholmes

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    So you were a teacher as well? What did you teach?
    And a psychologist, as well?

    Wasn't A WALK IN THE WOODS hilarious? I also greatly enjoyed IN A SUNBURNED COUNTRY, NOTES FROM A SMALL ISLAND, THE LOST CONTINENT, and his books on the English language. I haven't read his book on American slang, but I just reserved it at the library.

    One of his lesser known books that I particularly love is NEITHER HERE NOR THERE: TRAVELS IN EUROPE, especially his descriptions of his travels in Scandinavia.

    May I ask where you live in the U.K.?

    In the fall, of 1986, I spent a semester in London on an off-campus college program, studying theater. While in England, I travelled everywhere: Stratford, Cambridge, Oxford, Brighton, Cornwall, York, Edinburgh, Glasgow, and the northwestern part of the Isle of Skye, where I spent a weekend with cousins of a former teacher of mine. I completely fell in love with England and Scotland. I probably wore out two pairs of shoes walking around London, just exploring.

    Hard to believe it's been twenty years now, but I remain a devout Anglophile.

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  4. Cromwell

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    I was born in Cheshire and lived in Cornwall(had a small farm)near Falmouth and the island of Jersey-you cannot imagine a few years back, Jersey had its own passport and when I arrived at La Guardia no one would believe there was such a thing!!!
    I don't like the new common market one, except it means I can live in most of Europe.

    I live in Upstate New York now, although we have lived many places in USA- Oregon, Washington State, New Jersey and N Carolina. Itchy feet Syndrome.

    I have taught mainly adults but did run a special education unit where I taught 15-18 year olds, some of whom were just kids who had fallen throught the cracks. As such it was multi subject post.

    I also have taught sculpting (totally unqualified) though there again I taught math and my math is hopeless!!!

    I also lecture in Autism Studies and used to run job training courses. Blooming Heck no wonder I am so old!!!i have done too much.

    I miss UK but it is just cost prohibitive to live there now and so crowded. We always miss the boat on property as we bought the farm really cheaply we should have hung onto it as it sold last year for over 2million pounds(unfortunately nothing to do with us, we had sold it several years ago for 74,000 pounds. Whenever we move in prices are high, but whenever we sell prices are it us??? I was in COrnwall when you were there visiting, who knows we may have chatted with Dan being a Yank! Now Bryson tells where that word originates from and I cannot recall.

    Love Anne Cromwell

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  5. kholmes

    kholmes New Member

    Sounds like you've had a rich and fulfilling life.

    Wow--2 million for your Cornwall farm. Ouch!
    Ah, well, such is life, I guess.
    I'm not sure about the origins of "Yank." Bryson would know.


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