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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by pat460, Apr 22, 2007.

  1. pat460

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    I just feel the need to tell you a couple things. You have been kind enough to reply to several of my threads and I always look forward to hearing from you. Several times you have just made my day with your sweet and caring way. Your personality really shines through in the way you express yourself and it's my feelings that you're a great asset to this board. It is people like you who keep me coming back here day after day.

    I did look up your thread Suggestions For How To Discuss... and intend to use a couple of your suggestions for my support circle if you don't mind. You are an intelligent lady and I will continue to look for your posts as I come here each day.

    What a kind person you are and I know the world will be a better place with your girls in it because they will see this in you and want to be the same kind of person. You Rock Girl!

    Hope you don't mind me telling you all this, but I always follow my gut instincts and this morning for some yet unknown reason my gut was insisting I speak my feelings to you.

  2. desertlass

    desertlass New Member

    How could I mind you telling me all this... I don't think I've heard anything that encouraging and affirming in years!
    Thank you so much, and your gut, too! :)

    Use whatever you like-- the post was intended as a resource for all. I had a very wise, experienced lady helping to guide me, and I never could have done it without her.

    You are valuable too, and keep asking questions and making suggestions. This dd is the ultimate "crime detective drama", isn't it? I know you'll help us all solve it.

    Your idea of a help-each-other network is a good one! I know it can be done! I will be looking up the guidelines and tips I gathered along the way of my little endeavor, and add them to your other thread.

    And thank you so much again, with your compliments and encouraging words about my girls-- right back at you about yours!

    Hey, I might be in Ohio, this summer, so I'll just give you a holler over "the River" and we can have a mess o' green beans, 'maters, and Silver Queen for dinner, which, as everyone knows is lunch, not supper. The strawberries will be a little late, but maybe there'll be some early peaches for cobbler. And if the ice tea isn't sweet enough to make us pucker, then we'll throw it out! ;)

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