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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by WishBear, Mar 13, 2006.

  1. WishBear

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    Hello Donnaeil,

    I was told by Samantha55 to try to get a hold of you directly.

    My name's Erica. I just moved to the Seattle area from Ohio. I want to go back to school (eventually grad school, but I'll settle for something undergrad that I can add to my English degree in the meantime), and I was told that you know a lot about education funding available to people with fibromyalgia in WA. Can you tell what you know? What kind of funding and how much funding can I get? What kind of documentation is needed? Please tell me anything you know. I would really like to go back to school, but will need funding to pay for tuition and/or living expenses while I'm in school.

    Thank you!!!!!!!!!

    Take care,
  2. WishBear

    WishBear New Member

    The sun went away again. It was out a bit this afternoon, and now I want to sleep again. At least tomorrow will be nice.

    I'll look into Fastweb. You said something about getting a permenant deferment on loans. Is that really possible? How do I get more info on this? Grad school is at least a couple of years away, but I want to start learning as much as possible now (especially if waiting lists are long).

    Thank you,

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