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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by deliarose, Nov 28, 2006.

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    Hi Elliespad

    I saw onee of your posts, and I was wonddering if u had seen Patricia Kane and if so, what you made of her treatment?

    I'd love to know what oral phospholipid treatment is?

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    No I haven't seen her, but would love to. She is Dr. Patricia Kane, but she is NOT an M.D., she is a Ph.D. So, my insurance would not reimburse and I can't afford to treat with her without the reimbursement, at least not for now.

    Have you visited any of her websites? Try bodybio or HaverfordWellness with the obvious suffix. I think her approach makes a lot of sense.

    But I think IF money were not an object, I would first do Petrovic Protocol.

    Both of these approaches focus on detoxificaiton, just approaching it from different angles. I have a lengthy, and obvious history with Pesticide exposure, which causes a HUGE CASCADE of Free Radical Damage. Which goes on to allow Endocrine, Immune and Neurological damage. The endocrine and immune system can be manipulated to at least live your life. The Neurological damage, is what I can't beat. I have tried to concentrate my efforts on detoxification, to prevent further irreversible damage. I am not sure it can be reversed, and neither are my doctors, but I will go to my grave trying.

    I think that these 2 approaches are MY PERSONAL best chance at reversing this damage, and that is why I chose them.

    While I have no proof to my claim, I believe that these DD 1) first require a Genetic Predisposition to faulty/impaired Glutathion production, followed by 2) the misfortune of being SIGNIFICANTLY exposed to HIGHLY toxic chemicals.

    And I stress SIGNIFICANT exposure, not casual exposure. Significant exposure would be either 1) in utero, these chemicals easily cross the placenta, 2)through breastmilk, they easily pass through breast milk, especially if dieting, and 3) significant environmental exposures, eg. mosquito foggers, flea bombs, lawn chemicals, herbicides, certain petrochemicals, solvents, treatment for carpenter ants, termites, etc.

    It looks like you are not so far from Haverford Wellness. Let me know if you decide to go.
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    I don't think I can afford it at the moment, although I am convinced too that detoxing is a major part of recovery.

    I'm doing my own do-it-yourself detox program with glutathione. I use denatured whey and oral glutathione (the liposomal kind) and I will resume nebulizing soon.

    Can't afford teh IVs, but thought they were helpful.

    What are you doing?


  4. deliarose

    deliarose New Member

    I corresponded with one of Petrovic's patients briefly.

    she said she made a full recovery...I can send u her testimonial if u like..

    It might be a bit long to post here. and I don't have her permission either...

  5. elliespad

    elliespad Member

    Hi jolilulu,,,,

    Detoxification is a lifelong process, a way of life. Not easy to sum up on one page.

    I would say, it first involves recognizing and understanding what types of things stress the bodies' detoxificaiton organs, (mostly liver, kidneys,) but also lungs, and skin. And these include all kinds of things, but the ones that do the most damage are synthetic chemicals. Plastics, PCBs, solvents, pesticides, weed killers, paint fumes, certain acids found in cleaning products, MSG, recreational drugs, the list goes on and on. Oh, and Prescription drugs are biggies. They must be metabolized by the kidney or liver and again, these are your main detoxificaiton organs.

    At some point, read up on the CYTOCHROME P450 Pathways. This explains what enzymes the liver uses to detoxify. There are charts that show what enzyme pathways EACH drug uses. I found that the 14 drugs I was using, used up all but one pathway, adding further toxicity to my already pesticide poisoned body. But, save the CYTOCHROME lessons for a time when the brain is thinking clear. It took me probably 10 times reading it to digest it.

    Then, eliminate, as best you can, the obvious exposures. There are MANY supplements and herbs touted as LiverAids, which contain various combinations of Amino Acids. These are your some of your best bets to gradually improve detoxificaiton. I warn you, detoxification of stored chemicals is uncomfortable and often produces unbearable symptoms.

    A great place to start would be chronicneurotixins website, written by Dr. Ritchie Schoemaker. If you think his approach, using Cholestyramine (an old cholestoral drug, which binds to BILE) would help you, you could ask your regular M.D. to prescribe this for you. Mine read up on it and was willing to do it. This is a great way to get a jump start on detoxing. For many people, this is their ticket to health and freedom. Made me pretty sickly, only did it for one month, but I gained a LOT of ground and was able to reduce from 14 drugs, down to 2, in that month.

    A REALLY GREAT lifelong supplement to take (which I haven't used in 2 or 3 years, ha!), is ImmunePro. It is UNdenatured whey. This is different than other whey products. This will help your body make glutathione, which is your main nutrient (master antioxidant) for detoxification. If you use this, GO SLOW. It is powerful stuff. I think I started with 1/4 tsp. and always had trouble increasing dose.

    (I later learned that I have problems with Phase II Detoxification, which explains why I get REALLY sick when using detoxification herbs.)

    Some other good supplements to naturally increase Glutathione include:

    Alpha Lipoic Acid
    NAC (N-acetyl-l-cysteine
    Vit C

    Probably the safest way to detox is using FAR InFRARED Sauna. This is different thant regular Sauna. It spares the internal organs from exposure to the chemicals being detoxed. But, I don't thinK going to a wellness center once a week is going to do the trick. I would LOVE to buy by own someday. They do sell small portable units but I want one of the free-standing wood saunas.

    Well, I'm sure this has overwhelmed you. But these are things you could start before undertaking one of the 2 treatments we talked about. Good luck on your quest.
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    I have done about 9 or 10 treatments using IV Glutathione. Never felt any profound benefits, maybe a lessening of chemical sensitivities, but they were alreay mostly under control.

    The IV Glutathathione is only part of Dr. Patricia Kanes' protocol so I would still like to try her. And, I believe Glutathione IVs are helpful, even if I don't see obvious benefit. I even got reimbursement from my BC/BC PPO policy, which amazed me (and my doctor). So, no reason not to try them again, maybe after Christmas. But, again, it's only part of the treatment plan, so maybe I should just wait.

    Haven't had the IV Phospholipids though.
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    I thought the IV glutathione was useful. I felt somewaht tired later that day or the next but much greater mental clarity.

    I would certainly keep them up if I could afford them.

    My doc .. infetious disease doc. Joseph brewer who has treated 500 CFS patients.. says he thinks it's worth the money.

    It's not FDA approved and my insurance has declined to cover it. It runs me $120 a pop here in Chicago,,so for the moment i'm doing the whey and oral glut.

    Thanks for replying Elliespad to my question.. I've read Sherry Rogers's detoxify or die.. so I'm familiar with some of the stuff u discussed.. but I"ll look more into the Shoemaker stuff and cholestramine..

    I do recall one of our board members say she was "cartwheeling out of the fibro world" after using this drug.

    Jolie: pls keep us posted on your experience with the haverford clinic and Patricia Kane.

  8. deliarose

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    for others reading this.

    I know some people are really sensitive to whey.. but I can take a ton of this stuff without any adverse consequences.

    In fact, if I can remember and schedule it right, I take about 20 grams or more a day, plus a whole bottle of the oral stuff.

    It makes me feel brain fogged for a while but then it lifts (full disclosure..I"m not working, so it doesn't matter if I have a brain-fogged day.)

    I assume this is due to the toxins being released and then mopped up and excreted.


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    the petrovic testimonial.. If u can find a way to get me your email.. I will forward it.

    If you sign on to the CFSFMexperimental board, you can contact me that way.

    Just post sthg asking about Petrovic and I will respond....

    IF u can think of a simpler way.. be my guest.. post it here..

  10. deliarose

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    really bad idea to take a whole bottle of the oral stuff.. it can slay you by kicking up a whole bunch of cysteine.. which is a neurotoxin.. I found out...

    Ugh. the problems of doctoring yourself.

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