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    of my 97 year old mother. Last april she fell in her mobil home on Sat. afternoon and we didn't find her until Monday at noon. It was one of those unfortunate times when she "fell thru the crack" and no one knew.

    She was without her blood pressure meds. Lay on the floor in a little nest she made with a blanket after crawling from the bathroom.

    She spent l week in the hospital just gaining her strength (thankfully nothing broken) and 2 weeks in care center. Then 2 weeks with me. Then I found a wonderful retirement home and after almost a year I can't believe how she has bounced back.....and even more. Most of the time she is in better shape than me. I think she was also depressed living by herself. With the retirement home she has to go down every meal to the dining room and then she has a beautiful studio apartment of her own with a balcony that overlooks a wild life area.

    She fought going to the retirement home and for months it was a huge stress on me. Thankfully we got thru it and she's much better for this having happened. She refused to move from her mobil home because she wanted to stay independent.

    Thank God your mother also didn't break something and it is a huge change for them but lots of times it happened for a reason. I think that this was the only way God was going to get her into a better place.
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    This is truly a great story. I am sorry for her awful experience, but as you said, it did help get her to a better place.

    That's what we are thinking would be the best, also. She is a very social person and her life is very secluded now because of her age and physical condition....and, most of her friends are gone.

    My grandmother also had a hard time leaving her home, but she was hard for her, but she started to adjust. She died about 6 months later. We truly wished we had talked her into it sooner.

    So, I will pass this on to the rest of the family. I understand not wanting to move...I wouldn't, and we can't treat her like a child and just do it. Sigh.

    Thanks for your response and I appreciate your praying for this situation. I am also so happy that your mother is doing so well! Great news.


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