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    Fibromyalgia on
    There have been multiple letter-writing campaigns to Oprah over the past 10+ years, urging her to do a program about fibromyalgia. Although she has not yet done the TV program, FM has made it to her website. In observance of National Pain Awareness Month (September), is featuring an article on fibromyalgia by Dr. Margaret Caudill-Slosberg. (Also, if you haven’t seen it yet, the September 2006 issue of Oprah magazine features an article about living with chronic fatigue syndrome.)

    This article was written by Karen Richards for About

    YES, you did it. For all of you that have written recently and those in the past, look what you have done.

    Thanks to all that emailed and wrote Oprah per my thread. I am going to bump it again so that others can join.


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    This is great. Lets keep it going. If we can get Oprah interested, people will listen. Thanks 1sweetie!
  3. But this is part of what they say on oprah website

    Helping yourself

    If you suffer from fibromyalgia—or any other chronic medical problems—it is important to understand the difference between what your doctor can do to help you, and what you can do to help yourself. Eating balanced meals, exercising regularly, nurturing social supports and managing the stressors in your life are key self-management skills and can improve your symptoms and quality of life.

    I disagree, these may help, but are far too simple things to help fibro, there is so much more to it. JMO
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    There is not going to be a perfect article. We need exposure and at least we are getting some.

    Please go to the website and check out the Grassroot Action Center.

    There are simple things that WE CAN DO TO MAKE A DIFFERENCE. Please just try.
  5. Fredericka

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    Thanks a million on behalf of everyone who has this.

    Yes, it's a great start and that's how it should be viewed. At least it is getting some info out there.

    Thank you so much!
  6. 1sweetie

    1sweetie New Member

    Thanks for the support. We need to speak in one voice or we will not be heard.

    I would be happy to see passion for getting our message out...instead there seems to be a resistance. I don't understand. Apathy will never get us respect or a cure.

    Thanks again and please join us again on our other thread.
  7. kimkane

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    That is great to hear. I have been e-mailing "O" for 8 yrs now.

    So this is a biggy for me.

    I pray she takes this serious.

    Thanks, Kim
  8. 1sweetie

    1sweetie New Member

    This should be especially exciting for you. There are those that said we would never get the exposure...but we did and that is thanks to all of you who started this a long time ago.

    We should never give up and you didn't.

  9. pamj

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    I've also been writing letters through the page, and also on my own for a couple of years. I felt positive that it would only be a matter of time before we would get more recognition, and it's finally working!

    Let's keep it going... we need to keep pushing while we have some attention!

  10. Fredericka

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    It is due to all the rejection and ridicule most all of us have been subjected to, and we just just don't want any more of it!

    I DO have days like that, too, and it's hard to shake it.

    But positive help and posts like these should help to uplift and encourage us, and we should all do our part to help.

    I have been bad at that. Want to do better.
  11. Bambi

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    article either, but I'd say from what is posted here that it is a major improvement for HER. I wrote in many email campaigns to her and others including Montel and others and never got ANY reaction from ANY of them at all. Not even an acknowledgement that the letters had been sent. So this is
    a BIG improvement.

    I've never stopped writng to different places but I have been doing less and less of it. It just gets so frustrating after awhile when you take the time and considerable effort to write to these people and they continue to ignor the efforts.

    I know that many of the newer research articles are saying that FM
    is NOT a muscle or joint condition but rather, is a Central Nervous System problem. If we are going to keep writing WE need to be as accurate about what we have as possible also. Of course that's hard when there are so many differing reports.

    I won't give up and I'll try to do more but lately I've had so many ups and downs not just with the FM but with my Asthma and other things, the worst lately I think has been the "combo" of the FM and Osteo Arthritis. We've had SO many storms here lately and they always set off
    flares for me. Now they say it's about over for the season and we might even actually be in for an early cool weather season! HURRAH! I hope they are right!!

    Congratulations to all who wrote Oprah lately and I hope that's what has spurred her on to paying even "some" attention to us. I also get discouraged that in the 9 years or so
    that I've been severe the numbers on how many people have FM stay the same. And yet we all know that support groups are growing every day!
    I wish we could get a really more accurate estimate and one with numbers from those that HAVE been diagnosed. Bambi
  12. 1sweetie

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    I, too, am so tired of how we have been treated. This is why it so important to me to take advantage of the opportunity that is open for the moment that is here from the hard work of others in the past, like you Bambi.

    Maybe the emails and letters that you have sent in the past is why we are having these opportunities now. I don't want to let those that have worked so hard when they felt so bad down.

    What we are doing should be easy...but it's not when you are sick. Bumping a thread can be an effort. Everything is an effort but I have too believe it is worth it and that people are beginning to listen.

    Thank you for your support now and in the past.
  13. minkanyrose

    minkanyrose New Member

    GOOD NEWS!!!!
  14. Lendy5

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    WOW!.....this is great news. I have emailed Oprah several times asking for her to consider doing a show.

    If we want "Awareness" we have to be determined to help spread it.

    Thanks to everyone that has helped with's working!

  15. 1sweetie

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    We are being heard and isn't that a good feeling? Please check the website and click on Grassroots. There are emails already prepared that you can send....some to your government officials and one to Oprah. Check it out.
  16. Cromwell

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    thanks hon,I hope this helps. I get a bit worried with Oprah as she may get one of these women on who is all rah rah rah as she often does.

    I wonder if anyone has tried 60 mins or Larry King?

    Love Anne
  17. 1sweetie

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    I am hoping she has had a change of heart. She has an article on CFS in her September issue and now one on FM on her website.

    I did not know her history on our disease. Fight and a couple updated me. Everyone can change.

    Larry King would be great and I like Montel but maybe it's on Oprah's heart to listen now.

    Fight thanks for the bump.
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    Hello everyone,
    read the article in O magazine. Was surprised to see it! My initial reaction was dissapointment because of it's vagueness, however after reading the post here. I do think getting out there is a start.

    How do you guys feel about the lumping it all together with depression and myrad of other issues. I think in my personal journey every doctor I have ever seen goes the depression route. I always agree with them because I believe this DD is depressing.

    I am really glad it is starting to be talked about. Oprah may help but she does seem to be of the mind set change your thinking and things get better. All in your head thinking.

    But I will help in any way I can. just like Dory I will just keep swimming la la lah!

  19. angelfoo

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  20. Lolalee

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    Angela, although it is common to feel depressed at times with CFS, I think that Depression is a serious illness for some people. Linking it with CFS might give the impression that we are all depressed and that's why we have CFS, rather than the other way around. Too many doctors think CFS and FMS are all "in our heads". And they don't take our other symptoms seriously because they think that we don't have a physical illness.

    I personally would rather not link CFS with Depression. These are two separate serious illnesses and not everyone that suffers with one suffers with the other.


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