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  1. Lichu3

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    Hi, Gary,

    Glad you are improving on the Valcyte from your posts. It sounds like you are on the road to recovery. I am writing to ask a favor of you after you are well and if you feel comfortable with it.

    From your profile, I read that you are a surgeon. I was a physician also, but in internal medicine, before I became sick. I believe that as physicians with CFS, we are in a unique position perhaps to change the view of other physicians who still do not believe CFS is a real physical illness (albeit CFS is probably several different illnesses under one not very defined umbrella).

    Recently, in February, the Associated Press circulated an article which was picked up on MSNBC as well as by national/local press which seemed to indicate that the CDC's awareness campaign was initiated by political pressure entirely rather than by the studies which have been done to date. The article quotes a Dr. Peter Manu (also an internist?)based at Albert Einstein University in New York, whose statements imply that CFS doesn't have a physical basis. The link is below.

    www dot msnbc dot msn dot com/id/17134990/

    I am writing Dr. Manu about my own illness and its impact on my life and urge him to reconsider his words in the future. He has given multiple interviews doubting CFS in the past and I believe that these statement impact the credibility of CFS and the poor research funding the illness has received. Since you have a possible physical cause for your symptoms and it appears to be responding to anti-viral treatment, I thought it might be helpful if you could send him a note as well. Google "Albert Einstein School of Medicine" and look under faculty directory for his e-mail. Thanks for your help.

    - Lily
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    Hi Lily

    This is the second time I'm responding to your post. For some reason the first post way deleted? Anyway, I would be happy to send a letter to Dr. Manu. Four of Dr. Montoya's patients are also physician and possible in the future they also can lend their support.

  3. deliarose

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    We really need to stand up and be counted, on our own account and for the sufferers who will surely come after us.

    I applaud your efforts.

  4. Lichu3

    Lichu3 New Member

    I thought it was wonderful that Petsmart's founder chose to give interviews to the press and stated that he was doubted by many for having a physical illness. It probably changed some people's opinion that this was an illness of just affluent, middle-aged, Caucasian females.

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