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    Hi Nancy,

    I thought I better get this up and keep bumping it.

    Unfortunately I cannot make it this Sunday (Feb. 26) for coffee because I am having a CT scan that day. It was the only time I could get that was an early a.m.

    I can make it Sat. but I know you like to sleep late, and I may not can do it then either. Does mid-afternoon work at all for you?

    Let me know when you get this Message!

    Hope you are feeling better!


    P.S. I left a post for yuo on the other thread, too.


  2. marw

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    Hi Nancy,

    That's awful about hitting your head! I hope you are feeling O.K. now. I haven't read your other post but will in a minute. Don't blame yourself! You know it is just a part of the FM to do things like that. It is so frustrating when it happens. I have fallen a number of times for no reason at all, that I could tell. And as a dancer (or ex-dancer), I always thought I had good balance. FM changes everything, I guess.

    No, the CT is not sinuses. It is for the pelvic/abdomin. I am still having such pain, and my doc wants a CT with Iodine to which I am allergic. He is right because it is the only way to see the blood and some other things. Problem is that I have to prep for it (bec. of the allergy) so I will be taking loads of prednisone and Benadryl for 13 hours prior to the CT scan. In terms of Sunday afternoon, I may not be awake enough to go out then. Usually I have to come home and crash....sleep it off. I should be O.K. by late Sun. if they do it early enough. I don't have the time right here, so will let you know. (And ugh! I have to drink Barium for 2 hours!)

    My sinuses are much better. The Levaquin fixed them right up. But I know the dreaded thing will probably come back when I finish the anti-biotics, so I will probably end up seeing Dr. Jones myself. Going to wait a while and see, however, because I just get soooo tired of going to the doc so much.

    I'll be in touch on the Board.

    Hope you're doing O.K. and no concussion from the cab.


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    Hi Nancy,

    I checked your Profile just now....what a neat pic! I feel guilty that I still haven't done mine. I guess I will put up my pic from the cruise ship when I get around to doing this, after all. I still look more or less like that.

    But today is a bad day. (Friday). I don't know what is wrong. I am nauseated all day, badly! I had an apointment with my doc tomorrow at 11:00, which I am going to try to keep, but I'm also going to try to get up at 6 a.m. (never done that before, so you know I'm desperate)and drink some prune juice if I can keep it down to try to clean my system. YOu don't absolute have to do that before a CT but I wanted them to be able to see well.

    I don't know what this nausea is. I always feel that way when I first wake up, but it has never lasted all day.

    So about Sun., right now, I would say no, but I'll post for sure tomorrow night. But don't let me hold you up if you want to make plans. Chances are not looking very good right now.

    Talk to you later.

    I think I'll take my temp, also. Something is not right here.

  4. marw

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    It's saturday afternoon. I feel really terrible. Had a bad day, and soon I have to start the meds for the prep for tomorrow.

    I have to say no to tomorrow. I know I will be too sick after they pump me full of Barium, Prenisone and Benadryl.

    Maybe we can make it the next week-end. I am really sorry.

    But I have to get this done. So no help for it.

    Let me know that you got this!


    Thanks, Margaret

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