ATTN HAYLEYCOLE and others re Trigger Points-Legs/ Feetache/numb

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    Hi Hayley, I wonder if you might be able to help me with a situation I've been dealing with. I don't remember if I told you, but I've posted about it. For the past month,at least, I have been waking up unable to walk. It started with my left leg and now both legs are not cooperating. I feel pain, numbness in bottom of foot, tingling and I have difficultly lifting my foot to take a step. The Neurologist has ordered MRI's and nerve conduction studies with zero results. The latest test I'm scheduled for is an MRG which I've read is painful and I'm not looking forward to (you'd think I'd be used to pain).

    I definitely have myofacial pain with knots in my upper shoulders. From your experience with trigger points, do you think it's possible that during the night my body puts too much pressure on a particular point causing this morning problem with my legs. Although my legs ache all day, after the first few hours of the morning I can usually walk without dragging and the use of a walker.

    Please let me know what you think.


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    Oh I'm so sorry you went to so much trouble and then lost it!! I appreciate your taking the time to type all this info for me. I went to the dentist today and since I was out alone for the first time in weeks, I made 2 more stops. Got home and thought I'd DIE!!! I should know better, but you know how that goes. All this is to say that I am just getting around to checking the board.

    I will look on the site you mentioned and look for your email addr and definitely write to you. I just want to say that I poke around mid-rear and tears came to my eyes and then tried the other spots and it was as bad and worse. Oh my...what pain!!! So you think if I rub these spots that hurt so badly, it should help? Ouch!! I'm such a chicken.

    I'll write to you tomorrow, Hayley. Have a good night!!


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