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  1. Lolalee

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    Hi Hayley,

    I read your post to Shep regarding fatigue and I know that you highly recommend Bruce Campbell's program. I've been reading info on his website and also online "Recovering from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome: A Guide to Self-Empowerment" by William Collinge, PhD, which is a similar approach.

    OK, I get that some of us have pushed too much for too long. I really think that I would be a lot better today had I known and practiced Campbell and/or Collinge's principles at the beginning of my illness. But I've gotten into the push/crash habit and even though I say that I am going to do things differently now, I'm finding it's a bigger challenge than I thought it would be.

    For instance, right now I'm so exhausted I could sleep all day. However, I haven't washed my hair since last Thursday. I know that if I wash and blow-dry my hair, even though my hair is short, I will feel worse than I do now. I am also trying to decrease the amount of pain meds I take....which I can do if I rest.

    Hayley, honestly, how do you make it work for you? How have you gone from dealing with your illness in a certain way for 24 years to rest and pre-emptive rest? Does it always work for you? Do you slip back to old habits (please tell me I'm not the only one)? Do you have CFIDS? Also, how long have you been practicing these new principles.

    Hon, I feel like I'm grilling you here, but I'm just crying out for help from a comrade.

    Thanks for taking the time to read my post. Any help you can offer will be appreciated.



  2. 1sweetie

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    I am butting in on a personal thread but I wanted you to know that I have taken Bruce Campbell's course twice now. Each time due to fatigue and brain fog, I was not able to finish the course as I wanted.

    I am very tired today. Because of many appointments this week, I have not been able to do what I need to do to rest my body. I thought today I would but I just remembered I have a hair cut and color scheduled and have to try to go.
    I will email you another day and give you more info about the class and how it affected me. Do you do a search for your name? I will title the thread to you and Haleycole if she wishes. I will check here later today on this thread.

    ((((hugs to you))))
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  3. Lolalee

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    Thanks for your response. You are always welcome to butt in. I do search my name for posts. I got that idea from one of Prickles' posts.

    You go have your hair done...that is very important for us gals. I'll look for you later.

    I have yet to compose a letter to Oprah...sorry.

    bless you.

  4. Lolalee

    Lolalee New Member

    Thanks so much for your quick response. It really did help me tremendously. I know that we are all different and even if we have exactly the same diseases, we are different in so many ways. I was intererested in how similar my situation is to yours.

    Like you, my husband is home most of the time. He is retired and has a lot of outside interests (thank God), but he is never too busy to help me. He doesn't enjoy cooking, but he is getting really good at preparing simple dishes, bringing home prepared meals or helping me cook. I've always done the laundry because I really enjoy it..but I no longer do it all, nor do I fold and put away his clothes like I used to. It is just the two of us as our children are grown. I do have CFIDS, which I think is what is rearing it's ugly head right now.

    Hayley, everything you said helped me. I could really identify with the statement you made about church. I did the same thing because I also sang in the choir and boy it was marvelous to praise our Lord, but it took every ounce of energy. I have to stop going to church for now. My paster called me yesterday and told me that there is a microphone waiting for me when I come back. That sure felt good. But what made the biggest impact was your last statement:

    "Another philosphy I've adopted is that if I DON'T start taking better care of myself, I'm going to be bedridden in another year or so."

    I am almost bedridden. This morning I could not walk without my cane and with my cane I had to drag my legs. I eat breakfast and lunch in bed because my bedroom is the darkest, coolest room in my home. I feel safe and comfortable there.

    Hayley, thanks again for your support. I pray that you continue to improve. I know it might take a little while to change my habits, but I will get there.


  5. Lolalee

    Lolalee New Member

    Yes, I agree that sometimes a few simple words will cause you to go "Aha!". I have decided that I will not exercise until I get some of my other issues under control. Every exercise I have tried has made my symptoms flare. You are right. It doesn't necessarily affect you the same day or the next day, but several days later.

    I find that it is helping me to keep a journal to keep track of, meds, pain, energy level, everything, even feelings and emotions.


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