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    Hi Jane

    I remember reading in one of your posts that your doc at the FFC had recommended that you take one of Teitelbaum's preparations.

    I think it was the daily Energy Infusion powder or something to that effect.

    Would you be so kind as to remind me? (I'm ordering a bunch of stuff at the moment and I thought I might try some of Teitelbaum's preparations.. in part because they seem like an efficient way of taking a handful of vitamins.)

    Also, can you advise on whether you found it to be helpful?

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    So sorry I had dental work done today so this is the first moment that I got up out of bed. Yes I did find it very helpful. But for me the taste was awful. I did hold my nose to get it down. Some others have no problem with the orange taste. I never tried the Berry one. I just found myself not taking it b/c I didn't like the taste and have been off it now for three months.

    I just started something called the complete mutiple by liquid health. All you need is a shot glass full and it does not taste bad but does require refridgeration. It has every thing in it including the green supplements. I am nto sure if it is helping yet but a good multi can always be helpful.

    It has 200 nutrients the only problem is I am not sure if they are at a high enough dosage to be beneficial but I figure I will give it a shot! Let me know if you have any other questions.

    I ordered dr. t's drink from this site.
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    what was the name of the Teitelbaum drink exactly?
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    The Energy Revitalization System Drink Mix and Daily Energy B-Complex

    The B vitamins come with it but I found them too strong for me. They gave me acid reflux.