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    I started out with Bare Escentuals from QVC, as I didn't know others were available. I also tried Sheer cover and didn't like it at all - sent it back. It turns out there are some pretty nasty ingredients in both of those products that can make you itch and breakout skin and rosacea. The offensive ingredients are bismuth oxide and mica. Mica may be OK if it down far on the list.

    The formula I've chosen is Cory Cosmetics. They only have 2 ingredients in their foundation. The formula is somewhat on the heavier side of coverage. What is amazing is you use about 10 granules and it covers you whole face. They sell samples for 35 cents.

    There are so many companies that you can order samples. The best thing is they offer reasonably priced samples that last long enough for you to decide if it is a good match for you. You need to find a good color match and also consistancy.

    Cory cosmetics has there own site that you can start at. It will help you find other makeup companies.

    HTH, let me know if you need more info! Have fun checking out all the info!

    Lisa (sorry so long - kinda passionate about makeup and all I've learned)
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    Thanks, wasn't sure how much detail I can put in.

    here are the names of some other popular mineral makeup brands (try googling):


    There are several more; this should be a start.

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    but I would like to come back later and ask you some questions's 1:00 am and I'm too out of it to think now!!

    But about promoting other websites .... those rules apply to other websites that ARE IN COMPETITION with -- you know, the other ones selling supplements, etc--the same stuff they sell. So the stuff about the makeup is OK.

    I think this is correct!!!

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    I erased 1/2 my message to make it benign. I'll try to find the rules and see if my fibro fog brain can comprehend it.

    Hope you sleep well. I'm in Los Angeles, so it still is a bit earlier, and I get an extra hour tomorrow for my birthday gift (yeah!).

    Sweet dreams!