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    I've seen a lot of posts on here regarding juicing. It sounds yummy and good for you, but I know basically nothing about the juicers themselves. Can you get just as good results from a cheaper juicer as you can one of the high end juicers that I'd have to take out a second mortgage for?

    Just curious what everyone uses and what you're happy or disappointed with. I searched and found lots of posts about juicing in general but didn't see much info on the brands of juicers you use. Pros and cons,anyone?

    (Oh, did I mention juicers and juicing? It seems like I've typed it a million times in those 2 little paragraphs!! That word looks funny to me now.)
  2. bpmwriter

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    i would consider a breville juicer. i got mine on special for around $100 on amazon. i don't skin apples, just put the whole thing in the chute! don't buy a cheap juicer or it will take all the fun out of it. you want something powerful, easy to use and clean. there's a thread somewhere on this board where i was teased about my love affair with my breville juicer. i'm happy to say we're more in love than ever :)

  3. KateMac329

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    Mine is Jack Langam or something like that. Sorry but I am too lazy to go look at it! LOL But it is something like that and it works AWESOME!

  4. nanna4550

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    ours is a Champion. We bought it used on craigslist. I think they are about $250.00 new. It works great. The book we used for info was "fresh vegetable and fruit juices" by n.w. walker
    The types of juicers he recommends are the Electric Triturator (pulverizer) and hydrualic press because they extract the vitamins, minerals and other vital elements from the vegetables and fruits and retain the enzymes more completely than by any other method.
  5. victoria

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    bpmwriter, Dr. Mercola recommends the Breville, but I think it was a bit more expensive - do you know if you have the same one that he recommends?

    Supposedly it is easy clean up and doesn't waste as much fruit/veggies as it extracts more juice.

    If someone wants to make 'soup' out of raw vegetables and/or fruits and NOT get rid of the pulp, a VitaMixer can't be beat. Altho it is more $$ than the 'smoothie makers'.

  6. bpmwriter

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    i use the Breville JE900 Juice Fountain Professional Juice Extractor. not sure how that compares to the 95XL? i got mine for around $120 with free shipping on amazon. there's a number of more expensive breville models, not sure which one mercola recommends, but i can vouch for the je900.

    wendy, i was actually thinking about going the same route and giving up vitamin/mineral supps in favor of juicing. i'm so sick of swallowing pills and always making myself nauseous. do you really feel you get the same amount of nutrients from juicing? how many glasses a day do you have? what's the best veggie for getting b vitamins???

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