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    I didn't think it would be appropriate to post this in the thread for campaigning for a new name for CFS.

    I want to thank both of you for bringing attention to the "Hummingbird" website. It is filled with so much valuable information regarding this awful disease. I have suffered with CFS for over 8 years and this past year has been the worst for me. Using the M.E. ability scale from the "Hummingbird" website, I am rated severely affected on all counts..Physical severity 20%, Cognitive severity 30%, Symptom severity 20%. Not good.

    I have had extensive tests by a Neurologist because of temporary blindness in left eye, headache on left side and now unable to walk due to pain, stiffness, numbness in left leg (cannot lift leg to take a step). This doctor does not believe in FMS. He feels that there is no Medical evidence to show that FMS is real. I don't know his stance on CFS (probably thinks it's all in my mind).

    I have printed a copy of "A Million Stories Untold" to give to him at my next appointment. He is a good doctor and I hope that he is receptive to the evidence in this document.

    Thank you.

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