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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by Alyndra, Mar 5, 2006.

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    I noticed in an earlier thread you commented on how you've gained 30 lbs yet have a good eating habit, etc.

    Not sure if you had read my previous post about my weight - but the one thing I recommend to anyone who can't figure out why they gained, or why they can't lose - is get your insulin levels tested!

    My doctors tested my blood sugars for diabetes every 2 months. They also kept testing my Cortisol levels thinking maybe the weight was from Cushings Syndrome.

    It wasn't until I went to an Endocrinologist that he tested my insulin level specifically, and I was at 383 - when 20 is what's "safe".

    If you want to look up any information on the condition, it's called Insulin Resistance or Metabolic Syndrome X.

    The biggest thing that was made clear to me was that no matter how perfect my diet was, or how much exercised - the weight wouldn't come off without medical treatment. Afterall, Metabolic X is a medical problem.. not a problem of lifestyle!!

    Good luck!

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    I was thinking about syndrome X just a couple of days ago. I am glad you brought it up. As a matter of fact, I told my doc. yesterday about weight gain and that my fasting sugar never showed abnormal. I noticed I have reactive hypoglycemia which wouldn't show on a normal lab unless I went when I had a reaction. Every time I was pregnant I was going eclamptic, and my sugar levels borderlined, I went wacky. I wonder if when we stay away from sugars, we can help the body to recognize insulin again, I read that somewhere.

    I am sorry, my daughter is pulling my pants (she is almost 2) and she won't let me write, I have to go. Thanks for posting this, I don't know what I would do without all wonderful people on this board! many hugs and thanks, Amanda!

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