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    Hi Wren,

    I read your post on Marta's thread about "Living Space". Your home sounds lovely and I wondered if you have read/seen the book entitled "The Illustrated Cottage, A Decorative Fairy Tale Inspired by Provence" By Nina Williams. The way you describe your wall paintings reminded me of this book. If you have not seen it, try to find will love it!!!! I purchased it online from Amazon.

    Also, I read your bio. I would love to hear about how the Lord blessed you with the gift of painting. When you feel up to it, would you mind sharing this experience?



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    No , I haven't read the book but it sounds like one I would like to read.

    Everytime I try to tell people how I learned to paint I end up in tears as I know that with out the hand of God I would not be able to do it.

    I'll try and make it short.

    Between 1979 and 1987 I had 5 major surgeries, three of these on my back. Before the last surgery my doctors[neurosurgeon and orthpedic surgeon] told me it was a high possibility I would be paralyzed, that I would lose controll of my bowels and bladder. Just the week before this I was still trying to hold on to a full time job and had 2 children in school. Both were in band and sports programs. My dau was a candy striper and whatever else that was going on at school.

    During this time I lost my mom, my dad and my father in law.

    I also sang in a gospel trio.

    During this time we had purchased our home. Two incomes , a home , 2 cars. No great wealth, just a small family who had our little slice of the american pie.

    There was no time for me to give in to the pain until it brought me to my knees. The last day I worked as I drove home my back caught and I could not move. At every turnI had to stop the car and reposition my body before I could turn the steering wheel. There were 5 turns.

    I'm taking to long here but I had my surgery on July 1st and came home on the 11th of July, my birthday. They had to bring me home in an ambulance,I wasn't allowed in a car.
    Let me back up a bit. I was in surgery 7 1/2 hours. On the 3rd day after I discovered I could not feel my right leg.
    So that meant rehab.

    We got home to find our AC was shot. My son who has Asthma had a small AC in his room, so that was where my hospital bed had to go. The AC was in the only window. The door had to stay closed as the small AC couldn't keep up with the July heat. So I am in this room , no windows and a closed door. Totally and completely shut-in.

    The following weeks I read literally dozens of books.
    One day I ask God, what was I going to do? I was having surgery every 2 yrs and I just could not deal with the pain any more.

    I first thought I would do crafts as it was something I liked to do and had just enough money in my retirement to get me started and I also bought a kiln , thinking maybe some ceramics. If my back went out again I could just go to bed and stay until it healed.

    One day my sweet mother in law was coming over to sit with me in my "tomb" and I ask her if she might pick me up some water colors. I had been playing around with pens and markers and thought it would help me pass the time .

    I was thinking childs paint but she bougth acrylics, good brushes and water color paper.

    This was the beginning. I tried the arts and crafts but it seemed everything I did kept coming back to the art.

    My sis ask one day if I ever thought about china painting. didn't know the first thing about it. She found a lady who taught me the fundamentals and I began doing murals for people. I had people who waited a year for me to paint their tile. There was only one of me and china painting is a slow process with multiple firings. I then startd doing birds and that was where I excelled. Didn't kmow why just then but I will say I had painted some beautiful birds at this time and when one was finished I would always look at it and think to myself"I didn't do that"

    Four years ago our church moved into our new 2.3 million dollar building. About a year later I had this strange dream and in it I saw the most beautiful horizone , the colors were breath taking and below I could see the ocean and its waves. I saw the hand of God reaching through the color and the clouds and from his hand he released 2 white doves. It was so very real but I didn't understand it.

    A few weeks later I was ask to paint a white dove above our baptismal pool at church. I thought "ME?" I was scared to death but I did it. I found a picture of a mourning dove and used it as my guide and painted it white , the same way God changes us. I decided this was my dream. Just 3 weeks after I did the dove a dear friend who was on dyalsis 5 days a week and she was blind from diabetis. She came to church and after the service I went to her and ask how she was . She turned toward my voice and said , that is the most beautiful dove I have ever seen.
    I said Sue, but you're blind and she proceeded to describe it to me. I said God if I never paint again thats enough for me.But 2 months later I was ask to do a mural on tile for our new kitchen at church. I did a fruit basket and realized this was my second dove.

    Somewhere in all this I've worn out quite a few brushes and a lot of paint has past through my hands and It's still,"I can't believe I did that.

    This past christmas I was ask if I thought I could do a garden scene on a 9' x 25' panel , for our christmas play. This is one I did a lot of praying about. Days went by and I was on the net and in books, what ever I could find on the Garden of Gethsemane.

    Theres another story about an angel in this garden that wasn't painted there, but I will stop now . If I have been too long , I apolgize and if I need to delete it I won't mind. However I do feel that God has allowed me to paint and when I struggle with something I just stop , look up , and say Okay God , this is another lesson , isn't it?.


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    thank you so much for taking the time to share your beautiful testimony with me. You certainly have had your share of challenges. I hope your back is better. God is so awesome. I am happy for you that He has blessed you with this painting ministry.

    No, you didn't write too much. I'm sure you left out a lot of details. I do appreciate all the paragraph breaks. That always helps.

    May God continue to bless you. And, do try to get that book. It is beautiful.


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