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    I see that you are going to Pittsburgh FFC. I started going thee in August. I have already spent around 2000.00. I am getting discouraged.

    Could you please tell me what meds you are taking and if they are helping you.

    I am on a bunch of supplements and anitvirals and valtrex. (Low dose) I really like the doctor there though. I have been on Valtrex for two weeks now. The dr. told me that I was going to get very sick. I have been feeling bad but not horrible the way the dr. said I would.

    Does this mean that the Valtrex is not working? Are you being treated for Fibro or CFS?

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    Thanks for getting back to me.

    I am on the following:

    Valtrex - once a day one gram
    Anti viral 2 pills 2 times a day
    nystatine- 3 pills a bed time
    corvalenM -helped my carpal tunnel completely gone
    Rest and Restore
    transfer factor 2x a day
    maitake d 2 pills 2x day
    boluoke - 2 pillS A DAY
    power cell 3x day
    mitomax nt - 2 pill 2x day
    l-thyronine 1 day

    I think that's all. I have to go back at the end of Oct. I live about 6-7 hours from there and am thinking of a phone consultation. Have you ever had one?

    They tried to give me an IV last time I was there, but after sticking me four times, my veins kept collapsing, they gave up.

    I did have the human immunoglobulin shot though. It cost $200.00!

    After reading your bio, I see that you have way more pain issues than I do. My main problem is the exhaustion and the breathing difficulties when I try to do any work.

    Have you been put on any antibiotic or any other kind of viral med instead of the Valtrex?


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