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    Hi Margaret,

    On another post you asked me about Dr. Brookoff. I don't know anything about him other than reading the speech he gave in Memphis. I do not live in Memphis. wear makeup or not wear makeup. I decided to stop wearing makeup and dressing up for doctor appts after two separate experiences I had.

    One time a doctor told me that he was surprised that I was a patient because when he saw me in the waiting room he thought I was a medical sales rep. because I looked so well.

    Another time, a doctor told me that I looked too good to feel as bad as I said I did.

    These experiences made me see that appearances can be misleading.

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    I read on another post where you mentioned not dressing up or wearing makeup to the doctor. I took your advice and showed up at the clinic today wearing jeans, Skechers, an old green shirt and my hair in a ponytail. the no makeup part is rough for me, but I wanted her to see how bad my skin is. Thanks for what I think was good advice.

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    Hi There,

    This sounds like good advice. And thanks for answering and letting me know both about the Dr, Brookoff, and about what you do for dresing for a doc. I think you are right. I'm going back to my old ways, and definitely dress down and no make-up.

    (BTW: I had started doing this dress-up thing because of a different kind of experience where I saw that a doc wrote on my chart that I looked "unkept" and might need "mental help". I was so angry that time because I had the flu, so wht did he expect?)

    This was a long time ago, before I got the FMS, and I think now with this disease especially, we need to stop looking like a million dolars when we go into the doc. It just contributes to the prejudice they already have that we are not sick if we look so well.

    Thanks again,
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    Thanks for your reply and I am glad that my advice helped you.


    I can see how your terrible experience might have made you want to dress up to "empower" yourself. That was an awful thing to for a doctor to say about you at time when you were feeling so insensitive!!!

    I just try to wear simple, clean clothes and no make up.... kind of like Linda described in this post. With me, makeup covers a multitude of flaws. I want the doctor to see the real me, not the me that is covering up my flaws.

    You are right...we can defeat our credibility if we look "like a million dollars" and then try to convince the doctor that we feel very ill. The doctor takes one look at us and thinks "yeah, right".

    It's not like we are trying to fool anybody. I think it's just the opposite. By not getting all "dolled up" we are showing who we really are and how we really feel.

    Oh yeah, no perfume, bright nail polish or extravagant jewelry either.

    Oh well, that's what works for me.
  5. marw

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    Are we on for Sunday? Did you find out how to do the email?


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