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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by kholmes, Sep 17, 2006.

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    I posted this on the recent post about cortisol and the saliva/ASI test, but in case you missed my questions, here they are again:

    I also did an ASI/saliva test and found that my adrenal glands were producing too much cortisol in the evening, leaving me with a "wired" feeling before bed.

    Like you, I've been taking Seriphos. I was also taking around eight a day for a while, but now, I take about three at night.

    How did you learn that you had to take Seriphos in the morning?
    What happened when you took it in the evening?


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    Hi - I didn't see your earlier post. When I first started taking the Seriphos, I was told to take it at night, so I did, but it made me feel horrible. I don't know how to describe it, I didn't sleep well, it made me feel sick and yucky. I think it was throwing my cortisol levels even further out of whack.

    So on my own I switched to taking it in the morning, and it worked great - no bad side effects, the only effects were I started sleeping better and felt calmer. After about six months of taking it I noticed an unusual fatigue (different than "normal" CFIDS fatigue) and realized that I had to cut my dose, that my cortisol levels were going too low. And over a period of 2-1/2 years got down to 1 a day and am just about ready to stop that too.

    I later read this on a website (I no longer know which one) about Seriphos: "NOTE: Seriphos works with the pineal gland. Take two in the morning and two at lunch time before meals for better sleep at nighttime. This mimics the cortisol "curve"."

  6. kholmes

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    I suspect my cortisol levels are lower in the evening now. I'll have to try taking it earlier, and maybe reducing it as well.


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