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Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by getfitat40, Nov 17, 2006.

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    Hi Mary,

    Man you are up early - though I do think there is an hour time difference but you are still healthy. How are you and H this morning? How long will H be in the hospital for the study? Hopefully not too long.

    You made me laugh again about cookies - I do not think I will ever think of cookies in the same way! So some cruel neighbor woke me up doing construction. I live right next to the el tracks and I can sleep through that noise but not what they are doing this morning.

    Hopefully yu survived the grocery store. I had to pick up some scripts last night at the grocery/drugstore and it was already nuts. I took the easy way out and Peapod is deliverying everything I need on Tuesday night. The older I get the less tolerant I get with crowds. In the line at the drugstore - 2 different customers ignored the Stop here sign and stood in line right by me. The pharmacist made them move but even without a sign they were crowding me. My I am getting crochety these days.

    I have been experiencing some weird numbness for about 2 weeks. It is really weird because it isn't like falling things falling asleep but just random numbness on the tips of my fingers (not carpel tunnel numbness) and different areas of my head. But my throat and sick feeling disappeard.

    Take care and I will check in later - I am going to eat some breakfast and probably try to go back to sleep. Nancy
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    Ok - how are you this morning? The sun is out and it is just a little nippy. I have my second load of laundry in and ager it is done, I am off to do something. I feel much better then yesterday.

    Not much new to tell you but my sis told me that K is doing quite well. She was resitant the first week and while she thinks it is a waste of money, she seems to be getting a lot of insight on herself. The counselor told her that she may have ADD but the traditional kind but she has a lot of the symptoms. She is willing to talk about it with my sis so that is big progress right there.

    What time does H go to the hospital? This a test for her seizure disorder correct? Please let me know...Nancy
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    I know you are probably at the hospital still but wanted to check in and send you prayers for strength. I hope all is going well....Nancy
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    Starting with wine sounds like a plan to me. I have a bottle of champagne in the frig cooling and I hope to share it with my brother and sil tomorrow. I hate to say I am sorry H did not have an episode but in a way that's what you wanted. And to top it off does not seem fair. Let me know how the neuro appointment goes. Check in if you can. I leave for Michigan on Saturday morning and won't be back until Monday night. I home

    I had my grocery delivery last night and they were out of sparkling cider for the kids and 8 oz of fresh french green beans is not enough to feed 5 people. Same bad judgement on the sweet potatoes too so as hard as I tried to NOT have to go to the grocery did not work. I could go tomorrow morning but I really wanted to have the sweet potatoes premade. So my little problems are not anything but little.

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    I am so sorry to hear about the epilespy and possible brain surgery for H. It is so darn unfair I cannot even put it in to words. I am sure you are numb - I am sending you and H prayers and strength to get through this. I hope you are still planning to go to your family tomorrow - I think that doing something normal will help.

    I am exhausted but I have made cranberries, sweet potatoes (got more!), jello, & toasted the bread for the stuffing. I am organized and that is a good thing.

    Take care and count your blessings. Nancy
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    I just woke up from a very nice nap. I had to work this morning but thought I'd be out of there about 10:30 - nope we had a big problem so I was there until the markets all closed - it was dead other then that.

    I've managed to hurt my back again -it is going to be a long drive to Michigan. I am hoping it will feel better otherwise I am going to be crabby at my sister's.

    No shopping for me either....tomorrow I am supposed to stop at the outlet mall in Michigan City, IN. We shall see how it all goes....have a good rest of the weekend. Nancy

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