Attn MCD56 SED and WBC :-(

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    Hi Mary,
    How are you? I hope you are doing well. I saw the ENT today and he said that my CT showed nothing...he declared it perfect. He did tell me to call immediately if I feel another infection coming on and go and see him.

    So tomorrow will be interesting - will my inflammation markers be down or not. If they are will we ever really know if it is the Humira or the 3 weeks on abx. My WBC should defitiely be down right...

    Have a good night...
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    Mary - I am glad to hear from you and that you are feeling better...this is very good news.

    Today has been exhausting to say the least. I started a post called: Cognitive Issues for FMS Patients... The post summarizes the day and includes a very interesting article by my rheumy and this social psychologist I saw today.

    I don't have the entire results yet but I was ready to cry with the last few tests because I felt really stupid and I was frustrated. He put me at ease telling me that the last tests are the most frustrating for most people and certainly for FMS sufferers. It doesn't appear to be my memory or intellect, but it seems that they have found a link with thinking with distractions and FMS.

    It makes so much sense to me because my office area has so many distractions that I have taken to listening to music all day to block out distracting noise. My office is between my boss' office and one of my peer's office and our admin is right outside my door. My boss is really loud and moody and everyone stops to talk with our admin. I have days when I feel I got nothing accomplished.

    I didn't say in the new post I started but the two doctors started me on Staterra to see if it will help my focus and thinking. I am not sure how I feel about it but I trust them to know it might work for me. It shall be interesting.

    I should be able to get my blood work results tomorrow on the inflammation & WBC. They also testd me for H-priyol (bacteria that may be the underlying cause of ulcers) because I have been having heartburn again evern though I am on Protonix for GERD.

    I'll keep you posted...N
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    Bummer - while they both went down but still not in normal range. Sed rate was 50 and WBC was 13.0. So some progress but of course not as much as I hoped for.

    I hear you on the strattera but these cognitive issues are causing me issues at work. At this point I need to be open to solutions both for work and for my personal life. These cognitive issues are scaring me and affecting me alot so while I will be careful I need to try this.

    Thank you for caring about me...I am going shopping...retail therapy....have a good day. Nancy
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    found me so sore that I came home. I hope it is just the stress from yesterday because I can't afford to get the virus that is going around my office (probably the country).

    I thought you had some symptoms that you don't talk about - you are show so much empathy and compassion for so many on this board - you defintely are a healer and a giver. I also think you are very private and while I share my story so easily, you keep yours close to your heart. If you ever want to open up - I would be so willing to listen and offer any support I could for you...

    I hope you have a good holiday...Nancy