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Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by getfitat40, Nov 26, 2006.

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    Hi Mary,
    Just checking in to see how you and H are doing. I ended up not going to Detroit because my back was just killing me. I am going to go in two weeks on the train instead.

    Happy Monday! You can tell I took the vacation days as planned even though I didn't travel.

    Take care...Nancy
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    I am doing fine but I wish that you and H were doing better too. You sound like you need a big hug and certainly deserve some pampering. I hope H's pin removal was a non-event.

    I haven't heard about K - my sister was very disappointed that I couldn't go to Michigan so that was all we talked about. We have a difficult reationship to say the least. I am going there the second weekend instead.

    Take care...and keep me posted.
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    I am so sorry that all is not well for you and H. I am not super religous but I am very spiritual. I have a hard time not questioning why bad things happen to good people (Leo Buscaglia stole that phrase from me and I don't even get the royalties :)). What I do know is that G-d does not give each of us more then we can manage. All of the bad makes us stonger and it is for that reason we endure.

    Man - I am philosphical tonight so I will sign off here and send you prayers for continued strength and keep your sense of humor.