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    Hi Mary,

    Just a check in with the full results of my recent blood test results. The good news is urine test was normal. Ok that is the good news. I've not been able to taste foods for about 2 months. If they are strong in flavor - sweet or spicy - I can taste but not like I used to - so they tested my Zinc levels and beleive it or not - my zinc levels are low - 48 and normal is 79-150.

    All the other tests are High...my SED Rate did increase to 60 from 54. My WBC is 14.3 down from 16.4. And my CRP was 44.9 up from 42.4. I was positive the tests would at least come back better but didnot expect them to be within normal after just one month. But I didn't think they would go - even a small amount they did.

    I am trying to be positive and focus on feeling healthy and not concentrating on the numbers, but it is very easy to say but not easy for me to do!

    Well that is about all the poopy news from Chicago...I am going to eat some ice cream...

    Thank you again for the advice and wisdom and I hope tonight has brought you some peace.


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    I love Chicago and anytime you want to take a weekend trip I could be a great tour guide

    RE: Labs
    "Wow Nancy - that is not what I was expecting."
    My sentiments exactly - I don't see the neuro guy or my rheumy until Apr 14. The nurse practioner called me at 6:45 last night to give me the results. They work so hard and long hours to boot.

    I am still a mystery to them (although an interesting mystery) The NP did caution me that although I am feeling better which is the best news, that the blood work may take as much as long as 3 months to show up with better results. I think I was looking forward to better results because the NP was so excited - he has several on staff but she is my favorite. She walked in to the patient room I was in and was so excited to see me that she helped get my hopes up!

    I feel pretty good today - I have gone to bed around 8:30 several nights this week and I think it helps. But it give me no sort of social opportunities even if I wanted them. I get up at 5a.m.-ish every workday so it is hard to get a full night's sleep without going to bed so early. But it stinks because I am only 43.

    It is not a well understood process as of yet, so try not to get too lost in the numbers and testing as these do not necesarily serve as the best indicators of diagnosis or treatment for us.

    I am very fortunate (blessed really) to have stumbled upon this doctor who doesn't just treat by the numbers - he treats symptoms. I am also blessed to have this board and people like you to support us when we are up or down!

    Take care and I am sorry that you are still foggy and I wonder if we will ever NOT be foggy with this DD. Thx again and hang in there!

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