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    Hi Mary,
    Sending you hugs and prayers for you and H on this day of surgery for her....take care and let me know how everything worked out when you can.

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    Wow no one has ever been impressed with my memory skills! LOL I am glad that H made it through the surgery and makes it through the next couple of days with the pain. Keep me posted.

    I actually started seeing a physical therapist yesterday. We might have pinpointed the reason behind my mysterious falls. When I was searching for a PT I googled a couple of the ones near my house and covered by my PPO. One of them had a complete list of what services they provide, one of which is vestibular disorders, which is a balance disorder.

    My symptoms seem to be exactly the same. It is an vision thing (muscle imbalance) ear issues (tinnutis) and extremities! Nancy
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    Glad it isn't a work day because it is cold and rainy here. How is H doing? I hope continuing to recover each day.

    I think that with the vestibular disorders it is all about retraining your brain and overcoming the issues around it. I will know better after my next appointment because I am meeting with the the vestibular expert.

    Take care & keep in touch!
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    The biggest obstacle in retraining MY brain is that I don't always even know if I have a brain! Glad H is doing ok - and nurse ratchett made me giggle.

    Take care...Nancy
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