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    Hi Mary,
    Just wondering how H is doing and how you are doing. I hope you are both doing well.

    I am ok - I am having increased cognitive problems - for example drove to Michigan this weekend to meet a friend. I drive to Michigan several times a year since my sister lives there. Never have had this happen before, but I forgot to get off the toll road and ended up in South Bend. It is bad enough that I forgot to get off but the fact that I did not realize it until I was in South Bend.

    I am reasonably sure that he is humoring me, but he is sending me to a neurologist. Between the falls with no cause and the cognitive issues even on the strattera I just want a reason. He told me that a lot of his patients have this unexplained stuff - but I just hate not knowing why. After the neuro appointment - I am done and I will start the acceptance part.

    I gotta go up to the trading floor but check in when you can!
  2. getfitat40

    getfitat40 New Member

    I am so sorry to hear about H's continual troubles and your worries. It just isn't fair...I hate to admit but sometimes when I am hurting or frustrated I wish that only bad people had this disease. Sounds immature and perhaps challenging G-d but at times I can't help but give in to it. H is way too young to be going through all of this but she is so lucky to have you to help her through it all. Keep me posted.

    I had a MRI within the last 6 months - the only irregularity concerns the mastoid and coincidentally enough when I saw the doc last week, the nurse asked ME what it meant. Doc told her that it was nothing - I remember googling it and I couldn't find anything. So I ran out of time last week so I need to make an appointment with the neuro on Monday.

    I work for the Chicago Mercantile Exchange and I manage all of the telecommunications services for the trading floor. It is mostly fun if your can believe it and I have 7 technicians and 3 clerical/analysts to support all of it.

    Ok - I need to get working and ignore the pull of going back to is sunny and wonderful out and I need to enjoy it while I can.

    Take care...Nancy

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