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    I couldn't find a new thread from you so I started one here. I was a lazy girl today - sleeping on and off all day. In between I did manage to get my holiday cards finished (I made them all - and had to do both Christmas and Hannukah for my family) Now I am watching It's A Wonderful Life for the 100th time or so. I love this movie...

    Tomorrow I have to do laundry and get organized for my trip to Florida - can't remember if I told you I was leaving on Friday morning to spend the holidays with my parent's - I come home on Monday night just in time to go back to work. Oh yeah!

    How are you doing? And H too? K's 16th b-day on Tuesday - I cannot believe memories of her are fresh in my mind. We all went to Michigan for the holidays that year to meet K. She was a troublesome little one even back then - one of my first memories of her was my BIL giving me the baby to calm down so they could get some sleep. She was so tiny and so loud...and then I had to change her diaper and she peed all over me...I love to tease her about it.

    Sweet dreams...Nancy
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    Hi there Mary-
    Wow I am so sorry to hear about H and her so-called best friend. I have read articles on girl bullies but never knew anyone who experienced it. What a double whammy for H - and I'd like to talk to that other girl. I agree with not understanding the teen boy/girl thing either. But I understand your anger and worry abour H.

    One beer = one bag of leaves - sounds like a deal to me. I had a drink on Friday night - Starbucks Cream Liquor - should never tried it - delicious.

    And don't be too impressed with my shopping and cards - I never managed to even send any last year. And this year I cannot find Hanukkah candles to save my life (yes - I am jewish but we celebrate both holidays).

    Frustrating morning for me....the washing machine broke and I had already put the detergent and clothes in - so I had a mess. I had to walk to the laundry mat (one block away)I was not too happy...but there are so many worse things to happen.

    Take care and you can come to Florida for parents love company!


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    Hanukkah lasts 8 nights so it started Friday and goes through next Saturday. We only celebrated the jewish holidays until I was in high school - my mom finally wore my dad down...but his show of solidarity is that he would always string a banner saying happy hanukkah right in front of the tree. Pretty silly but I get it. We were the only jewish family in the town I grew up in & we were the only minority in our little white bread town in Indiana...

    I forgot to answer you about the WW board I belong to - it is a pretty cool group. I have been on and off WW for years - I have gained and lost 50 lbs or so over & over. And yes it is another NYE resolution.

    Anyway I was doing WW online and was using their community just like this one and started to chat with a group of women who were called Returning Lifers Online - we have a porch that we all rock on in our virtual chairs. While it started out about weight watchers, it is so much more. I am so blessed to have found these women - just like I feel blessed to be chatting with you.

    The group is about 20 ladies and we moved off of the WW awhile back because we had attracted a stalker (whole other story) so one of the women's husband set us on a private board that we start a new thread on every week. We are literally coast to coast and range in age from 30's to 70's. We share good times and bad times and there have been many days where we are all crying because one of us is having troubles - divorce, kids, family, etc - and there are other days where we are all giggling. I have met 5 of the ladies - 2 from Michigan, 1 from NYC, & 2 from Florida. It is an amazing group of women and I learn from them all of the time.

    So that is my WW story...

    Public vs Private schools - that is a tough one. A dear friend of mine has 3 kids (they live in Dayton Ohio) and the middle girl (my favorite because she looks just like her mom who I've known since we were little) has a LD and the other 2 are private school and she went to public school for the assistance. Well - during 9th grade they pulled her out of public and back to private. She is doing better but not great. My heart goes out to you and all of the parent's who are responsible for making decisions about kids education.

    Hang in there - Nancy
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    So I tried to bump you out of your funk-get it? I am amazed at how many people I know that are totally stressed out and in your same boat (I am your life perserver) You know that people who love you don't need the gifts or cards...

    I read somewhere about a woman who was financially strapped and instead of gifts wrote letters to loved ones about how important they are to you and what you love about them. I think it would be somewhat cleansing to write letters like these.

    Stay Swisserland on the family sister and brother are so different and are raising their kids so differently they hardly ever talk. I talk to my sis regularly but rarely actually talk to my brother - some e-mails but not much contact - I stopped trying so hard and this is where we landed - and he is in a suburb of Chicago.

    I looked up the 504 plan and I am curious how it went. If it helps then that is good. How is H and the 'best friend'? It is so outrageous that it all happened - it just stuns me.

    And tell the hamsters to get out of there...take care and I'll check in tomorrow and then again when I get home from my folk's house. Please take care...Nancy