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    Hi Mary

    Just a quick check in to see how you are. I hope a bit better. My mom is not in the spirit too much either. It is a bit weird because she is the Jewish queen of Christmas. Not sure how much I have told you about my folks but my mom is in costant pain.

    About 18 years ago she tripped over a phone cord and fell face first in to her dresser. I was meeting my folks at the airport for us to fly to Michigan for my nephew's first b-day. At the time the only problem she had was that she hit her mouth on the dresser and knocked her teeth out. Other then that pain she was fine.

    Within about 6 months she couldn't walk and suffered for at least 6 months while the doc's figured out was wrong - they thought she may have had an infection in her spine causing the pain. They finally figured out that it was a vertabrae that had seperated from her spine and that was why the pain moved around. She had back surgery and that was the reason for my Dad to retire early and they moved he. He did some consulting down here but that was it.

    Ever since that she has suffered horrible pain - knee surgury that didn' work - and then in PT she broke her pelvis and they disccovered the osteo - she tires really really easy and is jst not herself. It is really hard to see because due to the length of time I haven't seen her she has shrunk more and is in awful pain. The good news is I am getting a lot of rest too!

    Anyway - sorry for the ramble - I hope you are a bit better. MERRY Christmas!
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    just thinking about you and hope you are ok...
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