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    Has anyone had their pet micro-chipped?

    We're seriously considering it--especially since we are taking our dog on a short trip out of state in 2 weeks.

    Any good or bad things to let me know about this procedure would be appreciated.

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    Some vets prefer to micro chip when the pet has their teeth cleaned because the pet is under sedation and then it is not painful. The needle used is a bit larger and can be a bit more painful.

    Some vets are advocating two different types of chips be used because not all hand held chip readers read all chips--that was the original problem with micro chips that not all the readers were set to read all chips. My vet uses two different types of chips to guarantee that all hand held chip readers will pick up at least one of the chips.

    AND micro chips are absolutely worthless unless you follow through with the registration paperwork which may take some time to get in the registration company's system and it may not get in the system in time for you trip in two weeks . Then remember you should review the paper you receive from the chip registration company to be sure the information is correct. Be sure to keep that paper in an important place because you have to notify that company to update the form to reflect changes to your telephone numbers, change to your vet, address changes, etc. and notify them when the pet is deceased.

    Traveling with pets--
    --no door is opened until pets have non slip collars (probably harnesses)on that have ID on them and leashes on the leashes are wrapped around your hand so they don't slip out.
    --windows are closed so pets do not escape
    --Always expect to come across another dog, so never let your dog off the leash as that is a way pets become lost.
    --travel with bottled water for the pets so they don't get diarhea from local water as it may contain minerals and other chemicals that you don't have at home.
    --anticipate flucuation in weather even in warm climates (I'm in a warm climate and my cat went to the vets wearing a coat yesterday as it was cold) and bring coats for the pets

    Good luck.
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