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    I wrote this a couple days ago and dcnfngrs bumped it up the other day but it looks like it's not posted so I'm not sure what happened.

    Anyhow, my background is in internal medicine/geriatrics so all my patients were over the age of 65. I've not had any patients with bronchopulmonary aspergillosis. What I did read about it is that other than usual asthma treatments (steroids, inhalers, etc.), sometimes oral antifungals are tried to decrease the amount of steroids needed. Xolair is a new drug so her lung doctors would know more about it than me. Going to a specialty/ university hospital is a good idea as they have more experience than community docs when it comes to rarer diseases. (Unfortunately us CFSers don't even have this option.)

    As for CFS, I agree with those researchers who think it is probably a mixed bag of a number of different disorders and we really need to start sorting out. My take on antivirals (other than those who have extremely high levels) is that a short trial could be attempted if side effects are unlikely to cause problems for that individual and they have an infectious onset or symptoms. Since I live in the Bay Area, I'll likely stop by and see Montoya soon.

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