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    Hi Rocky and RLsparky, et al,
    I posted the picture I promised with the Bosses through the years of the Blue Angels. Dusty was Boss 1947-50. He is the second on left. Not a huge guy for the resume he has. I have lots of pictures of like Angels in 1947, -50 with their old planes if anyone interested. I Hope the picture I posted actually went up. I didn't see it, but didn't have time to check twice.

    I so wish I could be more active here on the board. Want to get to know people and see how it is definitely the newbies responsibility to "get noticed". So limited here with my eyes though. I am trying and will be patient though. Sorry, that picture isn't that great but gives you an idea of how many are left or able to come there.

    Hoping to get to know you all better soon. Hugs, Penny
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    Great picture. A couple decades ago I took my son to an air show and we saw the Blue Angels. He was thrilled.

    Do you need a magnifier to read the screen? In the 50s I visited an old couple who had one of the first TVs. It was a wooden cabinet about 4 feet tall w/ a tiny screen, maybe 8 inches by 8.

    They had a magnifying screen they could hang in front of it.

    Always glad to hear from you whenever you can manage. Ha det bra (That's Norwegian for "Have it good".)
  3. rockgor

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    Looked at your profile. l963 was a big year. You were born, I graduated from college, and the Beatles came to America.

    Where are you? I'm in Silverlake (Los Angeles).