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    Hi Rock,

    So guess what? Looks like Ettore Boiardi, the founder of Chef Boyardee has most likely passed on given that he first opened his factory in 1928 (, but the company "Chef Boyardee" is alive and kicking.

    Check out for one clever marketing website, complete with several games. That's a good way to keep the kiddos hooked. You can still enjoy the foods you had when you were young. I guess not all foods have gone organic just yet (even though I admit to liking that a little better sometimes). ;-) The kids of today still want their Chef Boyardee.

    Have it good (can't remember the Norskie way of saying it),

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    Went to the Chef Boyardee site. See they have lots of canned goods. Don't seem to have the
    pizza kit anymore. The pizzas we made when I was a teenager were not terrible Italian. We put
    cheddar cheese and hamburger on them. They were good, but hardly authentic.

    My mother also made chili a couple times a year. She used hamburger and kidney beans. She
    had a can of chili powder about half the size of a cigarette pack. Same can lasted her whole
    life. Norwegians don't like things that are spicier than mashed potatoes.

    Boiardi had a name similar to the composer/libretto writer Arrigo Boito. If he used phonetic spelling
    it would have been Boytoe. He wrote his own operas and the words for some of Verdi's
    operas. He was still alive when my dad was a kid.

    History is just around the corner.

    Ha det bra

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    If you're still into pizza kits, Boboli (funny name) makes good ones. They're probably not the same as the Chef Boyardee pizza kits you grew up with, but hey, what can ya do?

    Hamburger is a GREAT pizza topping! As a kid, my family always got two different kinds of pizzas: hamburger and mushrooms, and pepperoni and black olives. My dad was the one that went for the pepperoni. Not too kosher for a Jewish family, but everyone has their vices. We grew up in Oklahoma, so there weren't too many other Jewish people to watch us break Kosher laws either. ;-)

    I guess you don't hear of "Norwegian chili" too often do ya? It's funny that your mom used the same big can of chili powder for decades. The fact that she did so probably means that it lost pungency with each passing year. That's really cute. I bet it was wonderful comfort food.

    I've never heard of Arrigo Boito (no surprise there), although I've been to a few operas and operettas thanks to my dad's love of them. With all of the "B" names, the next "B" association I'm thinking of is championship figure skater Brian Boitano.

    According to wikipidea, "Boiardi", "Boitanto" are Italian names. Arrigo is Italian (not a shock there), and Brian Boitano, is an Italian-American, which I didn't know. Always something interesting to learn, I'm telling ya. You could write a fun fact book.

    Ha det bra,


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    Rock, we still make those pizza kits! I was raised on them. We called it "homemade pizza" parents (in their 70's ) still make them, too and my dad is a full blooded italian! I don't know how he REALLY feels about them but he eats it. My kids are not as into them as we were as kids.

    It was a special treat to have Homemade Pizza.
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    Yes, pizza used to be a treat we didn't have too often. But looking back, everything was a treat. I am so
    old I remember when food had flavor. Modern food seems be created w/ the goal that it will have
    a long shelf life or ship thousands of miles w/o bruising.

    I can remember my mother sending me out to the garden half an hour before supper. "Get half a dozen
    ears of corn and a couple tomatoes. See if there are any onions or radishes."

    I haven't had a pizza for a long time. Tooth troubles.

    We used to have some gals in northern MN on the board, Pink, but I haven't seen any posts from
    them for a long time now. I grew up in SE MN near Rochester, Winona and LaCrosse. Went to
    college in St. Paul, worked for Hennepin County. I spent one year in N. MN. Worked for the welfare
    dept. in Walker. I couldn't believe how much fiercer the winters were up north!

    One of my brothers went to U of M at Duluth. He lives in Oregon now. Goes back to visit the
    U of M forestry center at Cloquet now and then. I think this year is the centennial.

    Is your dad an opera buff? I was listening to a performance of AIDA last week. Recording was
    made over half a century ago when I was in high school. Surprisingly good sound.

    Erica, I've seen big puffy Boboli bread at the market. Is that supposed to be for a pizza crust? I
    haven't noticed Boboli makes any of the other component parts.

    Right now I'm enjoying some of Gordon's meatball soup for supper.