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Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by kholmes, Jan 17, 2007.

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    How's life in La La land?

    Have you ever seen pictures of the massive set for the 1916 D.W. Griffith silent epic, Intolerance? It was used for the Babylon story in the film. The set was somewhere toward the eastern end of Sunset Boulevard. Is that somewhere near you and Gordon?

    Just finished reading NEXT. Have to agree that it wasn't his best. It had a pretty inane plot, actually, but I enjoyed it all the same. I'm going to give STATE OF FEAR a go, but I've heard that in it, Crichton expresses the belief that global warming is vastly exagerrated. Maybe he should see An Inconvenient Truth.

    I've been checking out and listening to different recordings of Handel's Messiah lately. I had never really listened to the whole thing before. The London Symphony Orchestra and chorus has to be the best I've heard, so far. Also getting hooked on Brahms's 2nd symphony in D major, for some reason. Much less dramatic than Beethoven's symphonies or those of the Romantics, but it's a stunning piece of work.

  2. rockgor

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    That's what the Smurfs sing. Tra, la, la, la, la, la...

    Life in LA is pretty bad to my way of thinking, but I suppose if you have a great deal of money you can partially insulate yourself from the smog, dirt, graffitti, crime, poverty, non-English speakers, brutal police, crowds, traffic problems, insane real estate prices, crooked politicians and bureaucrats, etc.

    Even the architecture is getting loony. Wiitness two very expensive and ugly buildings: The Disney Music Hall and the new Cathedral.

    One way to escape, of course, is through music. I was just listening to the three Irish Tenors. You know they are like the Three Stooges. They are more than 3 of them.

    I have a sneaking suspicion that I bought another CD I already have. My beautiful mind is rapidly disintegrating. Not much left after one's mind and body fall apart.

    Saw my dr. last week, first time in about a year. He asked about meds. Told him I quit taking most of them for financial reasons. He was telling me I have to take them. I was telling him I have no desire to hang around and be an Alzheimer's patient.

    He is a nice man (from Russia), but we just have different viewpoints. I've asked him three times to prescribe an antidepressant for which I can get a generic. He won't do it. May have to get another dr., but that's a lot of work, and then he'll want to do all those tests again.

    I seldom listen to instrumental music. When I do it is usually movie music (Like Erich Wolfgang Korngold) or small ensembles playing ragtime, Stehpen Foster, etc.

    Earlier today I was listening to Jay Unger's Ashoken Farewell. It was the theme music for Ken Burns Civil War documentary. Instant nostalgia. I have 5 or 6 recordings of it.

    The only Beethoven symphony I listen to is the 9th because of the choral ending. Have 4 or 5 recordings of that.

    I read most of State of Fear. Got tired of it along the way. Gordon is reading it now. Finished a thriller in the early AM and started another. Got a book by Maeve Binchy from the library, but it turns out I read it.

    I guess one of the advantages of Alzheimer's would be I could read all my favorite books again; they would seem new. Haha

    Yes, I read a book years ago that had pictures of the Intolerance sets. Said they were the biggest ever made. I think they just stood out in the weather for decades.

    Everwhere you go in LA has movie history. The arboretum was once the setting for Tarzan movies. A mansion built during the Civil War in a park has been used for movies for decades going back to the silents.

    The house in Sunset Blvd. was once owned by Getty. It was on Wilshire Blvd. Gone now. The famous gates of Paramount Studio are still there. If you go to Universal Studio they will show you the house from Psycho and the boat from Showboat, ca. 1951 even tho Showboat was an MGM film.

    Oops. Gordon and two cats at the door. Gotta go.


  3. kholmes

    kholmes New Member

    Have to agree with you on the architecture of the Disney Theater and Cathedral. They look like bizarre movie sets, at least as far as I can tell on Google Images.

    I'm interested in LA's storied past, especially in silent film studios and locations. I've seen some old photographs of the Intolerance set, taken from a side angle, several blocks away. What a monstrosity. The movie, Chaplin, probably captures the feel of early Hollywood as well as any.

    Sorry your doctor is not working out well. Any reason you think you're headed for Alzheimer's?

    I know the song, "Ashoken Farewell" well. In fact, I occasionally play it on the guitar. A former girlfriend once played it on the flute with me, while I accompanied her. Hard to believe it's not a traditional Irish tune.

    I like Ken Burns for the same reason I like C-Span. They both dare to be boring, and are all the better for it. His documentary on Mark Twain is especially good.

    Ever heard of Turlough O'Carolan, the blind 17th century Irish harp player and composer? He composed some of the finest Irish songs ever. "Ashoken Farewell" is in his style.

    I rarely listen to choral music, but I love Beethoven's 9th (even though it conjures up images from A Clockwork Orange for me). Still enjoying The Messiah, especially the less famous arias and choruses.

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    Sorry for butting in on your thread with the Rockmeister,lol.
    Saw in our local papers yesterday that The Celtic Connections Festival 2007 started in Glasgow yesterday until 4th Feb 2007.I know you're keen on this type of music and wondered if you've heard of this annual Glasgow event.To be honest I like some Celtic music but I'm not into it as much as yourself & I don't really have much knowledge about it.
    I've noted the website below & it lists loads of Celtic bands,most of which I haven't heard of,but no doubt you'll recognise.
    Have you mastered your new wheels yet Ken.

  5. kholmes

    kholmes New Member

    How are things, Glasgow way?

    Looks like a great festival. Sure wish I could attend.

    Some great Celtic performers, looks like: Aly Bain, Clannad, Kate Rusby, Shooglenifty...

    Looks like there will be some Yanks there as well: Mary Chapin Carpenter; Richie Havens, who actually performed at Woodstock in 1969.

    Maybe Fiona Richie will play some highlights on "The Thistle and Shamrock," a program of Celtic music we get on National Public Radio.

    Paul, are you a Beckham fan? Just heard last week that he will be playing for a team in Los Angeles. His contract is for 250 million dollars. I enjoyed the movie, Bend it Like Beckham, and I'm a soccer/football fan (even played soccer in secondary school), but 250 million? I did get to see a football match near White City in London, once, but that was before Beckham's time.

  6. paulmack

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    Things not too bad in "Dear Old Glasgow Town" tonight.Snowing a bit this morning but has since turned to rain leaving it cold & wet as usual,lol.

    The Celtic Connections Festival's main base is the Glasgow Royal Concert Hall & I used to walk by there each day for about 10 years on my way to work,ah happy days.

    Yeh,love soccer,but not too fussed with Becks though,prefer bottles of the German bier Beck's.He's an overpaid,over-hyped showbiz celebrity.I think he's being signed more for his celeb status(that's rather difficult to believe in LA don't you think,lol) than his football ability.I think his best days are behind him.
    Ken,I'll give you three guesses as to which football team I support,Glasgow Celtic,what else seeing as we've been discussing everything else Celtic,lol.

    As they say at your side of the Pond,have a good day.
  7. rockgor

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    Yes, I have some recordings of Turlowgh O'Carolan. I love Celtic music, but the more recent kind. Not the really old stuff that sounds like droaning sung in Gaelic.

    I do not care for soccer or any sports. Partly because my father had only two interest in life, drinking and sports. Not that he played anything. Just listened/watched.

    It seems insane to me that men playing children's games are multimillionaires. It particularly annonys me that so many of them are druggies, criminals, wife abusers, etc.

    I used to work on Wilshire Blvd next to a nice hotel. Don't remember which one. Anyway some of us went for a drink after work one day. The lobby had dozens of young women dressed up and hanging around. I asked an employee if there was a convention.

    He looked at me like I was really ignorant and said, "They're all hoping to link up w/ one of the players."
    Seems some ball team was in town.

    So, as I have commented before, our chief value has become entertainment, and the country is falling apart. I expect my turn will be over tho, before the place finally collapses.

    Ken, if you like the Messiah, Handel wrote lots of other oratorios and opera. Mendelssohn's Elijan is one of my favorites. Has a great tenor aria "If w/ all your hearts". Richard Crooks recorded it about 60 years ago.

    Also has a thrilling soprano aria that Mendelssohn wrote for Jenny Lind called "Hear Ye, Israel". Lots of recordings including one by Eleanor Steber half a century ago.

    Why do I think I have Alzheimer's? Cause I forget everything. Look up how to spell a word. Close the dictionary. I've already forgotten.

    When I type I often type the wrong word: Fred for Bill, when for one, etc. Once I belonged to Mensa. Was a social worker and took case histories. Now I am one. Haha.

    All for now. Have to feed Huckle, the golden tom cat.


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