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    Ah, Leech Lake, and the call of the loon. That brings back memories. I wonder how far south in Minnesota loons go. I heard loons on Pelican Lake near Brainerd and on another lake whose name I've forgotten near Grand Rapids. What a beautiful, soothing sound, especially right around dusk.

    Anything new in the City of Angels?

    Not feeling too loony at the moment,

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    Is that an oxymoron?

    So glad to see you back on board. Bet you are too.

    I have been feeling better this past year. A tad more energy. Less depression. I changed my
    adnti-depressant to citalopram. Then I started taking Vitamin D3 and bee pollen. Now I've just
    started w/ Vitamin B12 patches. (Tried any of these?)

    Sure wish I had more energy tho.

    Now then, is that an oxymoron? Now then, the loon. Well, I don't know, but I would guess
    it goes as far south as it wants to. Haha. I only saw one once. A light raining was falling.
    It was swimming around in a lake and every now and then this weird tremolo (That's what they
    called it on the site I found) would come wafting across the lake. Loons have other calls too.

    I only spent one year in N. MN. It was like being in a different country. Very few farms. Lots
    of lakes and woods. Real hard core poverty. Lots of Chippewa Indians. Everyone who
    lived there had stories about bears, wolves, eagles. A couple bars had enormous beartraps
    mounted on the walls. I think they were just conversations pieces. Why would anyone
    want to trap a bear?

    They had a whole nother month of winter compared to S MN. The ice on Leech Lake went
    out around the middle of May (I think). Office pool on such. And the temp averaged about
    20 above during the day and 5 below at night.

    The people who lived there got very defensive if one complained about the bitter cold. I lived
    in the county seat, Walker, on Leech Lake, between Brainard and Bemidji. Walker was
    the size of Harmony (1000 pop). Hackensack was about 300 pop. It had a statute of
    Mrs Paul Bunyan.

    Nothing new in LA. Same old hell hole. If I had more energy I would move to a small city
    that wasn't too red-neck or cold.

    Hope you continue to feel better. Hi to Wendy.


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    Don't want to butt in on this post but I believe there are scientific studies showing that the loons go south until they stop.

    However, I am not sure if the study was double blind, as in duck blind? Ducks are very proficient at reading Braille before they leave the nest!!

    I am a walking encyclopedia.

    Will let you guys talk now. LOL

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    Com'on in; the water's fine.

    If you go to the above, you can hear the call of the loon. I couldn't find same site I
    found the other day. That site had recordings of 4 different loon calls.

    Anyway, Gap, thanks for the low down on how far loons travel. Who would think
    there'd be so many sites on loons. I sometimes wonder who foots the bill for all these
    web sites.

    When I was a kid I had a classmate named Bill Drake who was somewhat mischievous.
    He used to shoot spitballs at our teacher. He deliberately aimed high so she had to
    stand up to duck.

    Miss Quackenbush called him a silly goose and made him clean a whole flock of

    Bill suffered a terrible accident on the football field and was temporarily blinded. One day
    he was seated at the kitchen table reading. He said to his mother, "This thing is full of
    typos. He had picked up the ginger grater.

    Didja like the joke. Well, one eider does or doesn't.

    Here's a classic for you: How do you get down off an elephant?
    You don't. You get down off a duck.

    Time for bed. Nights are still cold here. Good thing I have a feather quilt.

  5. gapsych

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    Your nights are cold?? Well it is suppose to get down to seven tonight. So I don't feel that sorry for you. Okay, I will send a bit of sympathy.

    I love the jokes.

    This is a true story. My uncle with the rest of my mother's family were in vaudeville He bet a friend that for ten days the friend would mention a subject and my uncle would be able to tell a related joke. He won the bet!! Now this is one of those "family stories" that might be a bit exagerated. I don't know.

    I think this story may be classified as being representative of the Rumplestilskin genre.

    I wonder if we could do that on the board. Think of a subject and people can tell jokes that are related. Googling would be okay. This is either a brilliant idea or one of those ideas that sound great at midnight but by the light of day, does not seem as clever. But, you never know when a joke will come in handy!!

    I can't tell a joke without messing it up. I sometimes forget the middle part or can't remember the ending. Or I get to laughing so hard as I am telling it, I can't finish the joke. Do you think the latter means I am too self absorbed?

    So put on a sweater and no more complaining about the cold.

    If you see my daughter say hi and tell her to call her mother. But not collect nor a derogative name.


    ETA What did the duck have for a snack? A quacker!!
    When is a duck not a duck. When he is looney!!
    A loon by any other name, would still go south until it stops.

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    Couldn't find the site I found yesterday, Grammy. Who would think there'd be a million loon sites?
    Anyway, the above should do the trick. Have never heard of a rain crow.

    When was your family in vaudeville, Gap? I had a cousin who was a Chatatauqua singer.

    I think your suggestion for a joke game is peachy keen.