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Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by kholmes, Apr 11, 2009.

  1. kholmes

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    Did you say that a hotel in Rochester was closing? Do you remember the name of the hotel?
    Hope you're having a good weekend.
  2. rockgor

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    My sister sent me an article from the Rochester Post Bulletin. Last month the historic
    Anderson Hotel in Wabasha closed.

    I also mentioned in another post that Dayton's Dept. store is gone. The downtown building
    is now used for some other purpose. Dayton's stores were bought by May Co and then by Macy's.

    The old stores in Mpls-St. Paul and some malls are still called Dayton's by many Minnesotans
    according to Wikipedia.

    So far it's a busy weekend. Went to my EA meeting. Then Gordon and I visited my former
    secretary who lives in San Fernando (north of LA) and met her new cocker puppy.

    And then I came home and fell into a long nap.


  3. kholmes

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    The Anderson Hotel? Surprised my dad didn't tell me about that. He took my sister and her kids there for breakfast not too long ago. At least, I think that is where they ate.

    I fondly remember the old Dayton's department stores. Mark Dayton and family had quite the political and economic clout in MN for ages.

    Ah, the San Fernando Valley. My LA cousins lived in Sepulveda in the 80s. One of my cousins used to go "Valley Girl" imitations. Of course, so did every teen girl in America. When I visited them, I drove north and played golf at Valencia, a beautiful course near Six Flags at Magic Mountain, which we also went to.

    Did I ever tell you I took a dozen of my Navajo students to grad night at Disneyland in 2001? Imagine 50,000 kids and their chaperones in Disneyland, all night. It was actually a lot of fun. No drinking, no dugs, and the kids even had to adhere to a dress code.

    Glad you got a long nap in.

  4. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Isn't that funny? I never heard of Mark Dayton or the Dayton family having political influence.
    In fact, it never even occurred to me that Dayton's was somebody's name. I remember the
    Mpls store was kitty corner from Donaldson's. I think that was the intersection where Mary Tyler Moore
    tossed her cap.

    The Hennepin County welfare Dept. where I worked for three years was across the street
    from the county court house and about 7 blocks from Dayton's. (I think. Nowadays everything
    is "I think".)

    Just imagine: the ever young and beautiful and vivacious Mary and Julie Andrews are now old
    ladies in their 70s. And they both look decades younger than I who am 68. All those people
    who say, "Life ain't fair" may be right.

    Well, I've been in the Valencia area a couple times. I think the last time I took my son to Magic
    Mountain was 1983 when he was 12.

    You ever hear the song Valencia? It was a hit for Paul Whiteman back in the 20s. And Jan
    Peerce recorded it later. Of course you remember Columbia Records put out the long-playing
    record in 1948. About a decade later I had a roommate at Hamline who had a Victrola. The
    kind that had to be wound up and had an enormous horn instead of a speaker.

    I found a record store that still had 78 records for sale. They were under the regular bins. I
    bought him a copy of Valencia by Peerce for a dime. He was thrilled to have a "new" 78 record.

    No, you didn't mention your visit to Disneyland w/ your students. Sounds like a good time was
    had by all. I used to take my son there. In the last 3-4 decades it has gotten just terrible. It
    is outrageously expensive. And kids have to wait in line for an hour to go on a ride

    I haven't been there since the 80s. Will never go again. Once it was magic. Now it's just a crowded, over-priced ordeal so far as I'm concerned.

    Well, guess I'll go back to bed and read some more. Perhaps a crossword or two.