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    Dear Satin
    I'm new to this message board, but what a find! Just A1 brilliant - feel like I've found a community of like minded friends. I think we have the same consultant in London - Dr Hyams - how have you done on the imunovir and more importantly, the sulfoxime/dioxychlor? Not much about this on the net, so I was thrilled to find someone here in England using it. Can you tell me more. I'm just waiting for the results of my tests with Immunosciences (via Dr H) for mycoplasma, c.pneau., HHv6, EBV and the Th1/Th2 before starting, but he has suggested the same protocol, and probably growth hormone. He tried to get me Ampligen last year, but this is no longer available - anywhere. Am severely affected with m.e.
    Thanks - nickname
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    Hi Satin, :)
    how are you getting on with the dioxychlor?
    Your B12 (or whatever it may have been) allergic reaction experience sounded terrible, I much hope you've recovered from it.
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    hope you're well and enjoying the holiday, Satin!
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    Years ago, I also was interested in Immunovir treatment, however, after consulting with my doctor, we decided there was just not enough proof at the time as my choice of drug.
    Since this med came up lately, I did quite a bit of research on it myself and found out more than I was looking for.
    If you go on search and type in Immonovir - the search engine comes up with all the info you would like.
    You also will find out why it is not approved in the U.S. and who is manufacturing this drug.
    As I understand, Immonovir is manufactured in Costa Rica (!!!) by an Irish company - but can be sold in those countries where it is approved especially people with HIV infections.
    Isoprine (Immunovir) is found in brewer's yeast and organ meat and is marketed under other names, including Isoprinosine, Pranobex and Inosine.
    Also it mentioned that a good antiviral is much more helpful than this drug.
    If you need more info, let me know. Lucky
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    Sussanne- Thanks I feel much better now with the allergic reaction. I am little disappointed if it was the B12, that caused it, because I really wanted to carry on taking that even on and off. Even if it doesn't help with fatigue, I believe it is good for detoxing and sleep. Maybe I reacted now because I feel really exhausted and stressed at the moment. In the last 2 months I have taken alot of my holidays. I am thinking of taking sick leave again, because I just dont seem to have any energy at all now. Last year I used to be able to spend about at least 1 hour on this message board reading. Now I get tired in about 10 minutes. Hope you are doing better on your treatment.

    Nickname- nice to have you on the board. This board was a godsend to me last April. At least now I think there might be a chance for me to get better. I am glad you are seeing DR H, he seems to know what he is doing. I have been nearly 2 months on the Imunovir. I dont feel any better yet, but atleast I am not reacting adversely to it either.
    I have only had one Dioxychlor/sulfoxime infusion 2 weeks ago. Again no better and no worse. May be the extra fatigue and aches and pains are due to the fact that they are working. I am going for my next one next Thursday. Just hope I dont get an allergic reaction to it. I think my body really wants to hybernate at the moment. I really should rest while I am trying these treatments, instead of going to work, even though it is only 2 days a week.

    Lucky- Hi, I wouldn't mind if you could give me more info on the Imunovir please. I found only one study with CFS for 12 patients in 2000. I think they said there was 60pc recovery. Why has it not got fda approval in USA?

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    I am sorry that you got so little info when you were searching for Immunovir. There is more info when you are searching for Isoprinosine and you should be able to find the webpage of the manufacturer in Ireland (Newport.....). I have no idea why the drug has not been approved in the U.S., but after researching a bit yesterday, got some clues.
    Why this immunovir is mentioned so much at the moment, I can only guess. A Canadian doctor has done research years and years ago on 16 CFS patients, and as far as I remember the success rate was not overwhelming. The name Immunovir has been around but why do people only learn about it now? Is it that some other better known CFS-doctors are jumping on this doctor's bandwagon because they have nothing new to report? And we all are so desperate and will try anything which is promising, and not to forget costs a lot of money? This is my personal opinion and my concern. If you ask me, there are antivirals out there which are probably cheaper on a drug plan and which your doctor will prescribe. I was on an antiviral drug which did not help me, whereas some people would probably benefit from it.
    Since I see that you do not live far from the source, I am sure it will be no harm to give this med a try. And, may be it does help you, and that's what counts.
    Good luck and if you have more questions, I am glad to reply. Take care, Lucky
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    Thank you for the information. Dr Hyams said the Imunovir would hopefully bring down my high Rnasel reading, which could be factor in causing my fatigue. Even though I dont feel much better yet, I might ask him if I can have the test done again to see if it has helped to lower the Rnasel.

    Many thanks again.