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  1. kramlow

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    I've noticed that there are some singers on the board and have a question for you: Other than hoarseness, have any of you noticed a problem with shortness of breath, meaning, you're not able to hold the notes as long as you were able to hold them before contracting CFS/FM? I'm 36 and have found I can't hold the notes as long as the 70+ yr. olds in a choir I recently sang with! I should also note that I work out regularly - inspite of the CFS and the accompanying misery (which is worse if I don't exercise regularly), so I am in (relatively) good physical shape. I never worked out before the CFS and had plenty of vocal power and breath. I also noticed my abdominal muscles, which used to be very strong, shake like crazy when I do abdominal work, even though I've been doing them for over 5 years (!). They never did that before. I don't get it.
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    Not only is my voice hoarse, but the range of notes is greatly diminished. I get short of breath too. The most puzzling thing is that now I can almost not sing in tune. It's like my brain knows the note but my body cannot produce it. I sound like a reject from American Idol.

    Love, Mikie
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    "I sound like a reject from American Idol." LOL! I laugh because I understand. I used to be much worse-off, although I'm finding my voice seems to be getting stronger. The only problem is, I don't have the breath to get it out! (American Idol - what a horrible show! I can't bare to watch it.)
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    at least I'm thinking thats probably what its caused by (everything seems related anymore) at least I think it only started about the time I started having symptoms, maybe a semester or so before (but then I think I was having the beginning of symptoms then too, just not bad enough for me to go to the doctor about it... it wasn't until I was having wierd pain almost all the time for a couple of weeks there that I finally said, um, this is wierd, something isn't right...)

    Anyway, my voice teacher would try to get me to do deep breathing exercises to get more breath, and she'd be standing there telling me you can do more, you can do more, and I'm going no I can't! I certainly sneak more breath's in choir than I used to...

    I also have been having this strange occurance sometimes where my voice just decides to leave and come back on random notes...don't know if it could be related too has been a new occurance in the last year, really scared me for a little while there where it was really bad, and I tried to ask my profs if there was something wrong because of that, and they're like, drink more water, it will go away soon enough on its own... like they didn't believe me that at the time it was happining at least once or twice every day for weeks... now it is better, but... afraid it will come back again...(speaking of that I did see an ENT who looked at my vocal chords and said there was nothing wrong as far as they can see)

    so... sorry for the long post... but I really do pay attention to these things considering I'm a vocal performance major and so I deal with my voice on a daily basis instead of a weekly or so basis as someone not in school studying music might....
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    Cannot hold notes as long, and have lost 3 notes from the top of my range. However, the guai treatment immediately restored those lost notes, probably due to it's effect on thinning mucus. I'm still short of breath though, and am always hoarse in the morning or after speaking for a long time.
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    Yes, good ol' Handel! I had a terrible time performing it!! Practiced and performed it from 1/02 to 5/02 and was still just as short-breathed when I finished as when I started in 1/02! I'm a female but sang tenor because they were so short on tenors, so I offered to fill the void. The choir director kept telling me to hold the notes longer and even became angry (!) on ocassion, but I simply couldn't help it. I just told him I had a medical problem and was doing the best I could. I felt stupid because I went and tooted my horn before I joined the choir, telling of my experience as a vocalist and singer/songwriter. The choir director seemed excited and hopeful that I'd hold the tenor section - BOY, did I let him down!! (Besides, it had been so many years since reading music, I couldn't follow it. I had been playing and writing music by ear.) I struggled so much because I just couldn't understand WHY I was having this problem with breathing. After all, CFS is just an imaginary disease... (now where is that puke icon??)
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    I sang in the soprano section in my choir and noticed that I was having problems mainting my pitch and singing on key.I also didn't have the energy to go to practice after work so had to give it up.Even if I had not experienced the exhaustion of CFS I would have had to quit because I couldn't sing my part.In retrospect I see this was a mark in time as the beginning stage of my journey with CFS and the accompanying memory problems which plague me to this day. On the bright side, I have noticed that I am actually able to sing along with radio or CD songs this last few months and I am on key, however my memory is the bane of my existence as we speak. To fellow singers I say keep singing whenever an however you can for the joy of it! We all need a little of that in our lives.
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    Sara Brightman used to have stiff competition...Now, I am lucky if I can keep up with Britney Spears..LOL