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    Hello again,

    I just wanted to share something with you. My sister, who is very close to God and prays much, called me earlier to tell me that God has been speaking to her about me during her prayer-time (this happens often and she's always "right-on"). She told me that I should pray to the Blessed Mother about my health. I used to be Catholic.

    My sister reminded me that I was very close to the Blessed Mother many years ago when I wanted to conceive and then during my pregnancy. I would go to a shrine to the Blessed Mother and light a candle every day and pray for a healthy baby. I had a very healthy baby boy who has grown up to be a wonderful and very special man.

    The thing that really got to me about this message from God was that a couple of weeks ago a friend gave me a "Miraculous Medal" with a prayer to the Blessed Mother. My friend told me to say this prayer every day and expect a miracle. I misplaced the medal and forgot about it.

    My sister's phone call today confirmed to me that God is truly speaking to me. I usually pray directly to God in the name of Jesus. However, my sister reminded me that without the Virgin Mary there would be no Jesus. The Virgin Mary is a very powerful influence in God's Kingdom.

    Bless you,

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    this is so strange,but I also was a catholic and I still say my rosary even though I no longer attend the Catholic church.
    When my husband was burned over 50% of his body. the blessed Mother was my closes friend and I still pray to her.
    we"ve had so many crsis in our lives that I would have never made it through,without prayer .
    each time I think about our lives I know there is a God looking down on us.
    Our oldest daughter had open heart surgery at age 15 and then four years of in and out of the hospital.
    then my husband was burned over 50 % of his body and we spent alot of time in a burn unit.
    And then our youngest daughter had her battle

    with cancer and has got through that and now I"m sick again I had this really bad about 10 yrs ago and thought I was better and I was for awhile and then we lost 5 close family members in the last 5 yrs and it just all hit me again only this time its worse.
    Im a born again christian but I don"t see any harm in Praying to the blessing Mother. take care and have a good day. Sixtyslady