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    I read your response to me on the other thread and wasn't sure if you would go back and look at it again.

    Sixtyslady, I remember the first time I posted on this board I was absolutely desperate for prayer. At that time, your words inspired and encouraged me so much. You told me that your 30 yr old daughter 4yrs ago had invasive cancer, but you prayed and believed that she would be healed and she was praise God. Then you had a problem with your legs and you walked with a cane for 9mos and prayed and now walk without the cane.eir miracle.

    Then your daughter 2 yrs ago had a mass on her kidney and once again you prayed and the mass disappeared. You shared with me the many crises in faith that you have experienced.

    You reminded me that our words have much POWER.

    I know that you are feeling terrible right now and it's probably hard for you to even pray for yourself.

    Do you think that you could could remember that God is our source for all things? Do you think you could say "Dear God, please clear my mind and lead me to the person or place that will help me today. Dear Lord, I trust you because I know that Your word says that Your "plans are to prosper me and not harm me" (Jeremiah 29.11). I trust you Lord, help me Lord, in the name of Jesus. Amen

    I am praying for you.

    Bless you,
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    thank you so much for reminding of all the wonderful things God has done in my life so far. It really helps to think about that. and I know he is always
    with us.I have to try to bring myself up enough to feel again and have hope.Its just so hard to realize the people i live with have no idea what I"m feeling. my 21yr old son did sit and talk to me yesterday and told me he was going to install a air purifacation system on our heating system.
    because hes been looking up fm on the internet and knows nows how over sensitive my body is to certain things.he thinks because we hung a new shower curtain in my bathroom sat that .thats what made me wake up so dizzy sun morning. my bathroom is attached to my bedroom so he went and took it down yesterday and I do feel alittle less dizzy today.But I feel bad this kid is 21 and works a full time job his Dad should be taking care of these thngs. my son even ask me to write down everything I eat so he can check it and maybe we can figure something out.he told me 2mos ago to stop drinking diet pop. I eat no fast foods anymore and try to buy all fresh foods.Hes a good kid but I just don"t want him burden with all this. he should be enjoying life. and right now I"m so angry at his Dad for putting this on him, instead of helping me himself. I just wish my husband would grow up and stop trying to punish me because I"m sick. I ask him what people do when they have love ones that are so sick that they can"t be left alone. his anwser was thats what nursing homes are for. thanks for all your support and prayers. hugs Sixtyslady
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    Remember what God has done!!

    That's exactly what God tell us to do!!

    Read the daily dose today, hope it blesses
    both of you!
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    ...sixtyslady....I can imagine how frustated and angry you must be ...and HURT...with your husband. So you should put him in a nursing home when he can't care for himself?

    Your son is helping you because he loves you. You gave him life and you've given him so much of your life. Please remember how much we are blessed when we help others. It is blessing him to help his mom. I have 3 sons who live in different states than me......they NEVER, NEVER call me. Two of them are single and the only time I hear from the married son is when he needs prayer for his wife when she has a problem or is sick.

    Let your son love you and help you. Maybe God has sent him to you for a reason. Maybe your son needs this experience in his life. You have been asking God for help. He usually doesn't answer our prayers the way we expect Him to.

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    I just don"t know what I do without you guys help. I consider both of you a blessing and everyone that makes up this board.
    Your right my son will recieve blessing for trying to help me. when I found out I was pregnant at age 39 and 7 kids at home I just felt so overwhelmed. and my women dr at the time wanted to test to see if i was going to have a down syndrome baby because of my age and I told her no because I believed that what God creates he will take care of and I knew that if I had a down syndrome baby I would love it and take care of it. and I had a beautiful healthy boy. I already had three girls from my first marriage. so what a blessing I had a son .I always knew it was o.k. because I felt arms around me through my whole nine mos. I knew God and the angels where with me then I had to have a c section but every thing was fine. I named him Dustin Caleb. Caleb was with jacob when they went into the promise land. it means strong.I knew that God has a plan for my son. he went to a presentation at our local theater when he was 14 called. hells doors and heavens gates. I wasn't there but He was saved that nite. and a pastor called me to tell me that he was with my son when he was saved, it knock him to his feet and he could"t move. the pastor and someone else picked him up and took him to a church nearby.they spent over a hour with him and let me tell you to this day he is such a strong believer. He has such a beautiful singing voice.telling you this just reminded me of how much God has blessed me. God has got through to me today. and you two where his messagers. Thank you so much. and many blessings. Sixtyslady
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    God bless you, hon. Praise God that He has lifted you out of the valley that you were in earlier.

    The testimony that you gave about your son reminds me of one of my sons (the married one). His life was literally in the darkness (his electricity had been turned off because he had no money to pay...his roomate ran out on him ...long story). Anyway, my son was so lost and he went to a church that had evening services. He gave his life to Jesus and has never looked back. He also sings and leads Praise and Worship at his church.

    Keep looking up, sister!!!