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  1. deliarose

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    i was interested to read in 1 of yr other posts's about your B12 use.

    How often do u take the 10,000 mcg? Do u take it as an intramuscular injection or an IV, or a subcutaneous?

    do u need a doc to prescribe it?

  2. deliarose

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  3. spacee

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    While I did take the 10,000 mcgs of B-12 for well over a decade. I stopped taking it because of my improvement on Transfer Factor Immune C.

    But this is how I did the B-12. I have all put about 1 semester of a nursing degree (RN). I know that this is not the standard way to give a B-12 shot but some doc along the way said that it was fine.

    B-12's are usually given IM. But I got the allergy shot syringes and used them. I gave them to myself IM for a number of year...could not tell the difference. The smaller needle is much more comfortable. I gat the syringes from the Pharmacy.

    Yes, you need an RX. I ordered mine from Pharmacy on the Park 1-800-654-3115 Fax 704-366 1911. This Pharm. is located in Charlotte, NC. Back when I got it you got a vial for $60. I don't know how many cc's. 1 cc is 10,000.

    Try giving them a call. They are very nice (if they are still in business) and can tell you the size of the vial and how much it is now.


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    I'm going to jump in here if it's OK. I also take high dose injections, twice a week. I take 25,000mcg/wk in 2 doses. My doctor told me to give them SC, i.e with the smaller, shorter needle. I did the IM stuff for a while but this is easier.

    I do get a boost from this but one thing I have found is to take a break every once in a while. They seem to work better this way, for me anyway.

  5. deliarose

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    is 25,000 mcg, about 2.5 cc?

    I take 2cc a day.. supposed to take 1 cc (per my doc) but find I'm better on 2cc...

    thanks spacee...

  6. deliarose

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    i just figured out that 1cc is clearly you gals are taking mega doses compared to me.

    I think you need to take that amount to see a difference. I get a 5-min boost from the 1 and 2cc.. but it's just not enough.

    I'm going to talk to my new alt doc about getting a bigger dose.

    FYI, a woman on another message board i am on, who went to teh FFC, is seeing good results ("I got my brain back") on a mixture of B12, AMP and glutathione.

    She gets it from a compounded pharmacy...

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    What is the AMP or APM?? :)

    I am trying the Mycoplus Transfer Factor which I do like BUT my brain went very, very foggy on me.

    I finally realized that I had stopped Enda and drinking pepsi (pure poison, I know). But they were helping my mental state.



  8. Pianowoman

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    Mine is compounded to a dose of 25,000 mcg per cc. For a while, I took 1000 mcg per cc which is a more standard dose and while it helped a little, the 'boost' didn't last. The high dose is much better.

  9. deliarose

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    I didn't realise you could do that.. compound.. that is

    So you're getting much more benefit from teh same dose and you get to use one of those little insulin needles?

    I have to ask my doc about this..

    Thanks a million Kathy.

    Spacee...AMP, I'm not sure what it is.. I think it's like ATP..

    I know the FFCs are using it...I believe it helps with energy.

    This woman was seeing an FFC.. and it was them that first prescribed it.. but I guess it was expensive.

    so she worked with her compounding pharmacy to figure out what was in the shot.. and now she gets it from them. but her local PCP has to Rx it...

    In any event, it's something I'd like to try if my doc agrees and it's risk free.

    Brain fog: Are you taking glutathione ? It might help with that...
    Dr Brewer is big on TFs.. but he also insists on glutathione ...

    "Raise it any way u can" was his comment to me.