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  1. deliarose

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    Hi all
    I was wondering what, if anything, you folks do for sleep aides?

    Do the sleep problems correct themselves as you treat the stealth infections? Or do you still need sleep meds?

    What, if any,have worked for you?

    I used trazodone in the past... knocks me out but doesn't help with refreshing sleep. Currently struggling with Xyrem, which gives me great sleep, but the side-effects are difficult and I worry about its safety.

    Any info appreciated.

  2. deliarose

    deliarose New Member

    are you serious? you don't need a sleep aide? how is this possible?

    do you mean you have improved to the point where you are getting normal sleep? Or did you never need sleep meds?

    I'm so jealous. Seems inconceivable to me. Please explain.

  3. KateMac329

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    Can I add to this?

    I just wanted to say that I have been using the mix that dncn suggests and it really DOES work!

    I have been on every sleep medication you can imagine! And a few months ago was having a really hard time with an ambien issue.

    Well a couple of meds later my doctor finally prescribed me Rozerem. It doesn't work for me either and I was at the end of my rope with lack of sleep and meds that didn't work!

    I have been using Dncn's mix now for I think a month or so and it really does make me sleepy. Now on nights where my mind just seems to be going a million miles a minute I do take a few Benadryl's but other then that all I take for sleep is the tea.

    Mine is a little different ratio because I do have a really bad ragweed allergy. I only add just a little chamomile to my mix but mostly what it consists of is catnip, lavendar and mint.

    I love it too! It is this nightly ritual I have. At 9:30/10:00 I go boil my water on the stove and get my mix of herbs ready. I have a seperate ceramic teapot that has a little mesh holder that sits in the top and put my herbs in that. When my water has boiled I pour the water over the herbs and let them steep for no longer then ten to twelve minutes. I have read that if you steep any longer then ten minutes then the herbs lose there value or something. (I can't seem to say what I mean so bare with me!)

    I put my little ceramic teapot on a tray along with my favorite LARGE mug and a spoon and bring it out to the living room or the bedroom. I will then either read or come on here and check my emails and stuff.

    I really shouldn't be on the computer but I just can't help it! Now days I don't get much "me" time so when my son is in bed it is party time for Mom! LOL

    Anyway, sorry to butt in on your thread here but I thought you might want to hear from someone else who drinks the tea too that it really does work. It really is hard to believe! When dncn first told me about it I thought "okay!" but I knew she wasn't going to tell me anything that was going to hurt me or waste my money so I had faith it would turn out.

    It might take a few nights for it to start working too. Don't expect to work the first night. It didn't for me. Oh and one thing I do is I add a little more water then I am probably supposed to. Sometimes I make it to bitter so I need to dilute it. But tea is good for you!



  4. KateMac329

    KateMac329 New Member


    Yeah I think some nights I do steep it too long and then others I add too much of one ingredient or another.

    Your sweetner ideas are very good but I don't know I am a good old regular tea girl!


    You would think that with me living in the south I would be a sweet tea gal but I actually can't stand it. Around here you actually have to ask for your tea plain! LOL

    I had never heard of that until I moved here. Everywhere else I have lived you had to ask for sugar if you wanted it sweet.


    I do have the raw honey but I just take a spoonful each afternoon. It is local and it helps with my allergies. I have actually quit taking my allergy medicine since I have been doing this which is awesome! Just another prescription med I can mark off my list!

    I don't like taking pills! Of any kind! You and storm have definitely got me addicted to teas!

    I went to the health food store yesterday and got a bunch of different kinds. Of course I already had my list ready of the herbs I wanted so I knew what they did and wouldn't be lost looking at all the bins of tea.

    The only one that they were out of that I wanted was burdock root. Oh well, maybe I can get it next week!



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    I'll give it a shot. I'm sick of meds and convinced that conventional docs are doing more harm than good when it comes to these diseases.

    Herbal teas can't hurt right? Thanks for the tip.
  6. deliarose

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    I'll take it slow.

    Thanks dcnfngirs.
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