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    Sue, 02/08/07 06:40 AM

    i read your blog a few month back and left you a note about this baord and contacting me here. dont know if you remember. i am glad that you found your way here.

    ( i got a 11 year old with cfids , myself with cfids)

    i am following the AV discussions here with interest, although sceptical, though i am convinced that CFIDS is an injury done to the CNS by a virus.
    (just bad experiences with chemicals)

    I envy you for having Dr.Bell as your doc. he is most probably the most knowledgeable and honest doc in the world for kids with CFIDS.
    I know he likes to keep kids at school, because he thinks it is important to give them the most normal life as possible. I choose the middle way and trying to balance pacing and normal as possible.

    I am not comfortable discussing my son and CFIDS here on the board, it is a sensitive issue and most people without kids don’t know how difficult and complex the situation really is. It is plain and simple the most complicated situation for all family members involved and unimaginable for those who have not experienced it for themselves.

    If you would like to exchange e-mail adr. I would be more than willing to meet on the chat board; the only place where it is possible here.

    By for now

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    Hi, Karina -

    I saw your comment on my blog this morning and found your message here. I'm not very good at navigating the message boards yet (and have no idea what bump means!?). I was also very sick last week, so I wasn't online much at all.

    Anyway, I would be glad to talk with you off-line. I agree about the challenges of having kids with CFIDS. The two years when our older son was severely ill were the most difficult times we have ever experienced.

    You can contact me directly, through e-mail, at my blog. Just click on "view my complete profile" and you'll see my e-mail link.

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    glad you found it.
    ok, bump means you bump your message up in line, so it will pop up at the beginnig of the recent posts again.
    if you want to read recent posting i made, you can click on my profile and can browsw through it. the same you can make with your posts, so you can see if you got answers.

    i will write you a mail, as soon i am bit better. both of us are very bad in the moment and i had to buy a wheel chair....more about that in the mail.


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