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  1. Pennygirl2

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    Hi I am Penny. I don't have a good doctor but I south of Ft Collins, Co. I am lonely and looking for a FIB or some to email. Sounds like you could be close. I can't even go to Denver or Colorado Spring in my current condition.
  2. sunscaper

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    Dear Penny,

    I am so sorry that I did not see this a long time ago...I flit around from one message board, to another.

    I am getting so that I cannot go much anywhere, as well. My breathing is a problem at my current location, at 8900 ft..I see that you are still on this board..I want to see if changing locations to a lower altitude will help me, at all, so I may be coming your way, some time, in the future.

    Are there not any good doctors for this in Fort Collins, or somewhere, up there? what about support groups? I would like to get to the Denver support groups, but I hate driving in Denver traffic. If you do not feel well enough, to answer this, take your time..


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