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    You mentioned that some of your music is on My Space. I'll have to find it!

    I have some questions for you. I play acoustic guitar--when I have the energy: mostly fingerstyle, folk, blues, gospel, and Celtic. I have a Lowden O12 cutaway.

    I'm not very good, but I've been trying to record some songs on my computer. I use Audacity software (which you can download for free) for recording and I have a Creative Sound card.

    My questions are:

    1. What might be a good microphone for recording directly from my guitar to my computer--one that doesn't cost an arm and a leg? (the mic I use now is a good omnidirectional mic, but I'm left with a low volume and a lot of hiss).

    2. Do your songs need to be in MP3 format? I'm not sure what they are on Audacity, WPMs maybe?

    3. How do you put your music on My space, once you've recorded it?

    If you're able, any help with these questions would be greatly appreciated. Hope all is well in Sidney.


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    heya. Sorry this took so long! i just saw ur post on my other post about this. Ive been away for a couple of months in melbourne and hardly doing any net stuff at all! Im back into it all now though and had alot to reply to.

    Lowden.. very nice Gtar!! :) I dont have anything like that type of quality, although i do need a very good accoustic. Mine is old and very much not recording worthy!

    I'll get back to you more on mic's if you like when im not almost falling asleep.. :p but yeah, for recording instruments to PC, you usually need a mic preamp, like a small mixer that plugs into the PC, and the mic goes into that. Or a mic that has its own power source for amplification, which most dont. They usually rely on phantom power (from the pre amp or mixer). A great one for instrument recording is the Shure 57. Look that up on google etc, not to expensive and great quality as far as mics go!

    Ill have to look into Audacity too.. i dont use it myself. It possibly, as many music recording programs do, outputs the recordings as a wav file. Thats the standard sound file output of most audio software. MP3 is just a highly compressed WAV file.

    Yes u have to convert to MP3 before uploading to myspace. For myspace u just create a new account - it has to be a music profile though, not a normal one. Then you can enter your details on the site, and upload your Mp3 tracks. Not to hard actually once u get around it all :)

    My site is if you want to hear my stuff. I work on quite a few diff styles, not just one, so i dont have one official style really, ^_^ hehe.

    Hope this helps, and feel free to ask anything else! Take care. ~Chris.
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    Glad you found my message! Hope you had a good time in Melbourne. I live in New Mexico in the states, but I've always wanted to visit Australia.

    I do love my Lowden. I bought it used from a friend. It especially sounds great in alternate tunings: DADGAD, etc.

    I can record from my cheap mic directly onto Audacity, but I get a lot of hiss. I'll have to look into the Shur
    57 mic. I'm not looking for anything professional; I just want my recordings to sound halfway decent, and I want to post songs on a website and send CDS to friends.

    I think Audacity does use Wav files, but what is an easy way to convert them to MP3 files?

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    No worries im glad i found it too! heh. Its been busy for me lately, with plans of moving and all!

    Yeah.. the shure mics are awesome. A small mixer would be great and the're not too expensive.

    You should look into Cubase.. its one of the best recording and multitrack sequencing software out there! Its only 2nd to pro tools which all the major recording artists and producers use in the world. Many of the major / famous ones actually use Cubase setups because its just so good too. I record mine on cubase and Reason 3 aswell. Thats a good all in one package, but not too good for straight audio recording.

    For compressing a WAV file to MP3, theres alot of programs out there. I use a simple one called CDex. thats pretty good. You can find it on - also do a search on for "wav to mp3" - heaps of different programs come up for it. :)

    Hope that helps! ~Chris
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    I appreciate your suggestions, and will definitely look into them.

    Hope you're feeling okay.