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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by puffy1, Aug 31, 2006.

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    I finaly heard form the attorney that I had left messages for. Now I think I know what happend they said they had tried to call me 3 times and could not get through.

    I felt that this could not be becuse I have a answering machine and I am home most of thime anyway so there was no way he tried to call me.

    Then I remember that for a couple days there I would have somebody on hold and be talking to somone on the other line so if a third perdon tried to call me they would just get a busy signal now I feel like a dork lol.

    He gave me some really good advice which I would like to pass on to you.

    he told me that He does not try to get dissability for fibro alone but all the other little anoying things that goes along with fibro he said it is easier to get ssi for things like depression or RA or in my case my sed rates have been consitanty on the high side yet they tell me I don't have RA becuse I have not had swelling with it I guess.

    he also told me that when you are filling out the list of things you can't do for the rehumatologist not to over do it becuse that just makes it look like you are exagerating every thing that you should just say things like it hurts after I stand for an hour or it husrt when I am stiing for 1/2 an hour not to say that I can't do anything right off the bat. thses are things I didn't know.

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    Excellent advice Terri, thanks for sharing that.

    I remember it being really important to say that you find it difficult to do things (and explain how), rather than to say you can't do things.

    Some insurance companies send people to watch from a distance and if you're seen even trying to do something that you've said you can't do, then it will really harm your case.
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    Your Lawyer is correct in that there isn't any medical
    test to conclusively determine extent of illness. What
    SS is looking for is the "residual effect" of that ill-
    ness. In my case it wasn't mygenetic blood disorder but
    the Chirosis of the Liver it caused that apparently caused
    my fatigue that was constantly documented for 3 yrs. or
    more. The Doc at the Hearing who was appointed by the
    Judge said my Symptoms were "Emblematic of my disease" and
    he stated to the Judge that I was not capable of perform-
    work related duties. It's not the illness itself but rat-
    her the result of the illness to one's ability to funct.

    Stay in there Teri!!

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