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    Did anyone have to pay their attorney more than the $5300? I read someone say they had to pay $14,000 and he didn't even show up to the hearing, that she won.

    What could the hidden fees be for? Do they try to drag this out for the all mighty dollar?

    My first meeting with mine (recommended by my doctor) is Saturday. He only does SSD work but don't know if he has ever done CFID or FM. I will ask him that. Do you guys agree that if he hasn't than he's the wrong guy for me??

    Need advise, please!


    PS Sorry if I'm a pain-just stressed out over this.

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    There is one more area to keep in mind. SSI - this is a different award from SSDI.

    If your lawyer files for SSDI & SSI, which is the common thing to do, and you are awarded for both claims you can pay up to $5300.00 for the SSDI claim and be charged an additional fee by your lawyer for the SSI claim.

    SSDI is disability.

    SSI is supplemental insurance for those whose finances fall in a particular category.

    I had to pay my lawyer the $5300.00 for SSDI. I didn't qualify for SSI but he did bill me $85.47 in fees for getting medical records from my doctors. It stated in my contract that those fees were billed separately.

    I had a friend who won her SSDI and her SSI. The lawyer only got $2500.00 for her SSDI but he billed her $1700.00 for the SSI.

    I would definately ask your attorney at the meeting what extra fees you might incur so you'll be aware of it.

    Good Luck!

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    I'm not trying to split hairs over the SSI fees but according to my award letter, they are separate from the SSDI fees.

    This is a direct quote from my award letter.

    "We have approved the fee agreement between you and your representative.

    Your past due benefits are $$$$ for Sept 06 through May 08. Under the fee agreement, the representative cannot charge you more than $5,300.00 for his or her work. The amount of the fee does not include any out of pocket expenses (for example, costs to get copies of doctors' or hospitals' reports). This is a matter between you and the representative.

    If we approve your claim for SSI, the representative may be able to charge an additional amount for his or her work. We will send you another letter about SSI telling you the amount of the fee, if any, he or she can charge."

    I personally do not feel that my lawyer did enough work to earn his fee but that's the way it is.

    Kittiejo, just ask your lawyer when you have your meeting. There is so much legal wording on the websites and in the letters it's hard to get everything right.

    So many of us do not read the contracts when we sign them and so we are surprised when we get a whopping bill for additional expenses.

    Take care!

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    I searched and searched here and at the Disinissues site for the story about the lady that got charged so much. Can't find it anywhere. Maybe the fog made it all up in my head.

    I spoke with Allsup yesterday and they state that attorney's can charge you for copies, phone calls, appeal fee's etc. She claimed that she was not trying to influence me but that Allsup will not charge one penny more than the $5300 no matter what they do for you.

    It sounds like "mom" has it right from the horses mouth.

    I am only filing for SSDI as I am married and my husband works and am not in need for SSI.

    "twocat" thanks for the website, haven't seen that one before, will go check it out.

    Thanks to everyone that answered.


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    My husband works and makes pretty good money so I knew I wouldn't be approved for the SSI. My lawyer said that it was standard to file for both.

    Then I had to update my files at social security so that they could determine if I qualified for SSI. There are many conditions that may allow you to qualify and the lady at SS said that even though some may not qualify for money, they may qualify for medicaid. That is different from medicare which you get when you are approved for disability. So you could end up with extra medical coverage. I didn't qualify for medicaid either.

    For me, I chose not to enroll in medicare medical as my husband has Blue Cross Blue Shield and our insurance is primary over medicare. The medicare hospital is free but for the medical, I'd have to pay my insurance deductible and then my coinsurance and then my medicare deductible before medicare medical would pay anything.

    In other words, I'd be paying 90.00 a month for insurance I would probably never benefit from. I can sign up for medicare medical if my husband's insurance should ever end. So no harm done and I get to save money!! Yeah lol

    Once you get approved you've really got to investigate everything carefully.

    I'm hoping you'll have a easy time with filing.

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    If, we do not win they do net get any monies either.

    Without legal help alot of us would get nothing!

    What we view are only a little time spent in some cases is not the case. We do not know what goes on behind the scenes of gathering the most needed information to go to the hearing.

    attornies know the 'ropes of the system' and ALJ's respect them better.

    You sign the contract and the lawyer also has his contract to the ALJ- that if awarded the lawyer gets his due $5300.00.

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